How to Use Your Time Effectively Online As an Online Writer

Too much time spent online can interfere with your daily life, work, and relationships greatly. Time spent online can be hugely productive but too much time spent online can have negative consequences in your personal life, health, relationships, etc. This article is intended to focus on those who use the Internet as a tool to make money online or other productive activities.

How to Use the Internet without Affecting Your Health

How to Use the Internet without Affecting Your Health

There are numerous negative consequences of using the Internet other than productive activities but I will not delve into that area. I will simply try to analyse how spending too much time online can have negative impacts on our lives who have to use the Internet for making money, etc.

As a freelance writer, editor and proofreader, I use the Internet as one of the main sources of my income. Even though I can earn the same amount of money by surfing the Internet far less time than I usually do, I simply cannot help doing so. I have found that I have become a little addicted to the Internet which is also affecting my social life a bit. I know it is not necessary to check out 20 times a day whether a column of mine is doing well or if I have payment coming in my account from a client etc. I surely can check on those things 10 times a day.

I have also noticed that I have less physical movement, which is vital to keep my body and soul healthy, because of using the Internet too often.

However, I have realised the importance to learn about the signs and symptoms of Internet addiction and how to balance my life online and off. Although I do not like to set any goal before me in future, yet I endeavour to achieve results by setting small goals. For example, there are times when I set a goal of writing 3 or more articles a day or surfing an hour or two to bid on jobs to my choice, etc. It has helped me good enough to get rid of staying online too much time.

At times, I would not write anything even if a good idea crosses my mind. I have realised that how important it is to find some quality and good amount of time to keep as reserve for absolutely personal use off online. This time can be used in doing anything such as taking a good nap, interacting with family members, relatives, friends, eating out, watching TV, etc.

Earn Money without Affecting Your Health

Obvious negative impacts on health due to excessive use of the Internet is having severe headaches, neck aches, back aches, sleep disturbances, dry eyes, weight gain, etc; sadly I have gone through them all. Good news is I have felt extremely well when I have used the Internet less than I usually use. I hope my readers can see how important it is to keep a balanced way of using the Internet. While the Internet provides an excellent opportunity to make money online, it is also important to remember that earning money at the cost of health will not be a fruitful option in the long run.

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