3 Tips Better Sleep Quality

Better Sleep Quality

Snoring is known to cause sleep deprivation. How you sleep can be the key to how well you sleep. which are you? Side sleeper? Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper?
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3 Tips Better Sleep Quality,
The following tips, Your sleep schedule, bedtime habits, and day-to-day lifestyle choices can make an enormous difference to the quality of your nightly rest.
The quality of your sleep directly affects the quality of your waking life, including your mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, physically.

While normal aging changes interfere with the quality of sleep, comprehensive assessment of sleep quality and sleep patterns. People sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, a new study concludes.
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Sleep efficiency, which is the percentage of time in bed spent asleep, was the primary measure of sleep quality. Total sleep time was the primary measure.

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Sleep Medicine? …
Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol deserve caution, too. The stimulating effects of nicotine and caffeine take hours to wear off and can wreak havoc on quality sleep.
Healthy sleep habits can make the difference between … of awakenings and generally decreasing the quality of sleep later.
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Proposed alternative remedies

There are occasions wherein snoring is the result of a wrong sleeping position. Sleeping with too many pillows can stretch and narrow the air passage. Use one pillow to avoid it. Also, lying on the back can cause snoring. So, a change in sleeping position can be a help.

Among the ‘natural’ remedies are exercises to increase the muscle tone of the upper airway, and one medical practitioner noting anecdotally that professional singers seldom snore,


Snoring Remedies


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Almost all treatments for snoring revolve around clearing the blockage in the breathing passage. This is the reason snorers are advised to lose weight (to stop fat from pressing on the throat), stop smoking (smoking weakens and clogs the throat) and sleep on their side (to prevent the tongue from blocking the throat)

snoring remedies

The Pillar Procedure

The Pillar Procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. This procedure was FDA indicated in 2004. During this procedure, three to six+ dacron (the material used in permanent sutures) strips are inserted into the soft palate, using a modified syringe and local anesthetic. While the procedure was initially approved for the insertion of three “pillars” into the soft palate, it was found that there was a significant dosage response to more pillars, with appropriate candidates.

As a result of this outpatient operation, which typically lasts no more than 30 minutes, the soft palate is more rigid, possibly reducing instances of sleep apnea and snoring. This procedure addresses one of the most common causes of snoring and sleep apnea — vibration or collapse of the soft palate (the soft part of the roof of the mouth). If there are other factors contributing to snoring or sleep apnea, such as conditions of the nasal airway or an enlarged tongue, it will likely need to be combined with other treatments to be more effective.


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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

4-hour heart rate monitor: Gives you a better understanding of your calorie burn, sleep patterns, and peak and resting heart rate so you can perform at your best. Run Run: Whether you’re on the treadmill at the gym or outdoors in the rain or sun, you can view your run summary on your band with personalized metrics in the phone app including pace splits and heart rate. Steps tracker Steps: Set a goal and track your progress. Microsoft Band calculates the calories you’ve burned and the distance you’ve traveled each day. Built in GPS Built-in GPS: Measures the distance you’ve run and tracks your pace and route. Save your favorites to retrace your steps and challenge yourself later. Calorie tracking Calorie tracking: Count the calories you burn each day. View daily or weekly stats, set goals, and receive a virtual “high-five” when you reach them. Sleep tracking Sleep tracking: When activated, Microsoft Band tracks the length and quality of your sleep. Analyze the sleep charts in your app to gain insights about your slumber. Guided workouts Guided Workouts: Fun and challenging workouts from fitness partners like Gold’s Gym, Shape, and Men’s Fitness with exercise prompts on the band and much more in the app. Goal setting Goal setting: Challenge yourself by setting daily step and calorie goals. Microsoft Band notifies you when you meet them so that you can stay motivated. UV monitor UV monitor: Get a quick read of the UV Index while you’re out and about.

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

3 Tips Better Sleep Quality105732

Adopting A Proper Sleep Schedule

These 3 Tips Plus Better Sleep Quality
Can Improve Your Satisfaction With Your Life



Studies show that sleep quality has a
direct impact on your satisfaction with life. These studies suggest
that if you are sleep deprived today and unhappy with your life, you
will remain unhappy with your life six years from now, regardless of
whether you change your sleep habits. However, adopting a proper
sleep schedule as well as adopting a few other key lifestyle changes
can have an immediate influence on whether or not you are happy with
life today.


Of course, sleep quality and quantity
cannot be the sole contributors to your change in personal
satisfaction. While instrumental in so many ways (proper sleep will
reduce your chance for obesity, medical problems like diabetes, heart
disease and hyper tension among others, as well and reduce your
chance for a motor vehicle accident) proper sleep alone can rarely
have an altering impact on your satisfaction with life. Instead, you
should incorporate these changes into your lifestyle.


Exercise daily. Even 20 minutes of
exercise each day will improve your outlook on life. Twenty minutes
really is not that long — walk a dog, take a morning walk to the
coffee shop to kick-start your metabolism or sign up to a fitness
club and get social.


Watch what you eat and drink. By
adopting a healthier diet, your body will function better and not get
“bogged down” with unhealthy foods. A proper diet will
allow you to conserve energy to help you get through to day and will
also help you fall asleep quicker and for longer periods. Drinking
also impacts your quality of life (and sleep patterns) particularly
if you drink stimulants like coffee in the evening. Likewise, alcohol
can have a negative impact on sleep and quality of life if not
consumed in moderation.


Set and stick to a sleep schedule.
Although this gets us back to the sleep argument, setting an sticking
to a sleep schedule will allow you build more of a routine around
your days. This type of order will improve your quality of life
because the routine of sleep will mean you have less time in your
day, resulting in greater work-family balance and scheduling.


The above three tips, when combined
with proper sleep quality and quantity will have a near-immediate
impact on your quality of life. More importantly, once these
lifestyle changes become habitual, the happiness and energy surge
will become permanent, meaning that in six years from now, your
quality of life will be much improved over your current experience.

Adopting A Proper Sleep Schedule…

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fitness issues ~  maintains the
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 3 Tips Plus Better Sleep Quality Can Improve Your Satisfaction
With Your Life

Better Sleep Quality



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