Tips For A Healthy Smile

Save Your Valuable Smile And Boost Your Well Being

Not only will a radiant smile make you look younger, it is also a great indicator of total well-being.

When we see a discolored or yellow smile we think it gives us an older look. Your enamel wears and shows stains eventually. A great smile, conversely, gives the actual impression of health and youth. One particular anti-aging would be to start by stop teeth-staining habits such as drinking coffee and wine and using tobacco.

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Tips To Boost Your Smile

Tips To Boost Your Smile

Oral health and good habits are considerably more than skin-deep. It seems  like another new study links your teeth problems to other big health problems such as coronary disease, and impotence. Of course, taking care of your teeth will begin with the obvious brushing daily and flossing as well as going to the dentist more often. About 17% of adults admit not to ever flossing, according to a single report, and in relation to 25% of adults that are age 35 through 59 have tooth decay. But even though you’re going to the dentist, there are some routines to help you get a much nicer looking, healthier smile. Here are a few to try:

1. Have carbs at mealtimes instead of as a snack: When you eat a larger meal, you produce a lot more saliva, which allows you to wash food contaminants away.

2. Protect your teeth against soda, switch instead to a glass water or chew on gum to help produce more saliva—then go brush your teeth. It’s also wise to follow the same routine in case you have really bad heartburn, which keeps your mouth in an acidic state.

3. Have a daily glass of OJ with your breakfast routine, and ensure that you meet the RDA for vitamin C.

4. Steep a cup of green tea every afternoon. Additional bonus: it will give you a caffeine boost for that after lunch tired feeling.

5. Get rid of your old toothbrush. Most of us have likely been guilty of overusing a toothbrush beyond the 3 to 4 months recommended by dentists. Make sure you replace it often!

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