3 Events You Need A Lasting Smile For!

When Your Smile Needs To Be At Its Best!

Actors and actresses know that they’re always on, and if they’re not we have this group of people called the paparazzi that make sure that we know they’re off, even if it’s just for a moment.  

For the rest of us, there are only a handful of events that cause us to have a need for that lasting smile that those actors and actresses have.  If you’ve thought about this topic at all, your list may be different then mine, and that’s ok.  

Maybe you’ll write about your 3 events in your own Sirgo, that’s half of the fun being on here anyway.  

Who's Smile
do you want to have?

The Big Day!

Have you ever seen a bride that doesn’t have a smile pasted to her face?  I haven’t!  I have also never seen a groom without one smiled to his.  Now what they’re thinking about could be completely different, but I’m telling you now, you will not get that smile off of their faces.

All those hundreds of pictures with happy faces, are truly happy faces.  All of those tears of gladness, are truly tears of gladness.  Life is good for them, and they are going to share that with everyone.  It’s a good good thing.

That’s why weddings are one of my 3 events that you need a lasting smile for!

For The Love Of
the wedding, your smile will never stop!


Lastly where your smile never leaves is on graduation day!  It doesn’t matter if it’s from Junior High, High School, College or or some other advanced degree program, when you graduate you’re smile is a lasting smile.

It’s plan and simple the reasons why.  You have worked a long time to make that achievement.  You have studied, done research, tested and shown yourself approved, and you’re now leaving that institution with a diploma in hand showing how much you’ve accomplished. 

And while there may be other days that are special to you, this one is right up there with that once in a life time experience, and it’s sure to be one of those days where your smile never leaves your face!

When It's Your Day
You need to plan ahead so that everything’s in the right place and you can smile proudly!

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