3 Unique Nursing Jobs

A Nurse!

My friend became a nurse late in life or at least what most people would consider late. Like many people she had challenges to over come.  Much to her credit, perseverance and dedication she started her life over and became what she’d always wanted to do.  She loves being a nurse and everything about it.  She loves the look in her patients eye, when she’s helped take care of them, as well as when they’re ready to go home. 

Part of the love she has comes from the versatility of positions she can hold because of her degree.  She is currently a home healthcare nurse to a small child only 2 years of age.  She loves the child and the child in turn loves her.  It’s this unique position outside of a hospital that got me to think about all of those types nursing position that are not commonly thought about when considering the challenging career of nursing.

While there are many more jobs that are unique in nursing, I’m going to talk about 3 of them.  Hopefully, it will spur you into considering unique positions as a nurse.

People Become Nurse's
for any number of reasons, with the most common reason being to help people!

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For The Love Of The Patient!

I studied nursing once upon a time ago, about 30 years ago in fact.  In order to be admitted to the nursing school, you had to go through interviews.  Much to my surprise, every person that was interviewed in my group (around 10 of us), all responded the same way when asked the question, “why do you want to be a nurse”?. The response was: I want to help people.  That’s the reason people go into nursing, but there’s more than one way to do that.  One of those ways is to work in urgent cares.  

Urgent cares have many advantages that hospitals don’t have.  For example there isn’t the hectic pass that comes with working in a hospital emergency room or on the floor.  The days often start later then in the hospital and get off by a reasonable often 9 o’clock. 

The list of advantages can go on, but you get the point. Urgent cares can be a legitimate alternative to working in the hospital. 

In home health care...
can bring with it some of the most rewarding of all nursing positions.

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In-Home Health Care

Home care has some of the most unique challenges that come with being a nurse.  You can live in-homes with people while taking care of them.  You may also work for an agency that send you to homes.  

Benefits can include a 9-5 work schedule and have weekends off, working independently with no boss breathing down your neck.  Because you’re working by yourself, it can also mean that you have little if any politics to deal with.  

The school nurses...
is often the most unsung hero’s inside of a school.

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School Nurses

School nurses are one of the most unsung hero’s in schools.  The have to be able to handle, even if for a short period of time, anything that comes there way.  Depending on where the school location is, it can be in a bad area and nurses can handle gun shots to stabbings.  

Jobs locations can include elementary schools and go all the way up to university.  What this means is that like those in the teaching profession, you can chose what age you’re going to work with.  It also means that you can have a normal schedule just like your children do.  Holidays are often one of the largest perks that come with being a nurse in schools.

Three areas of nursing that are outside of the hospital, that might just be right for you! 

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