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Urgent cares are one of those businesses that have a lot of misconceptions about them.  It’s amazing what people actually think they are and how they work.  They know nothing about the actual practical resources that come with going to an urgent care and the benefits there in. 

Urgent cares were developed by physicians who’s entire purpose was to ease the overload and burden of those working in the emergency room as well as those waiting (usually impatiently) in the waiting room to be seen by a physician.  That alone should tell you a substantial amount about those working in the urgent care business.

Urgent Cares
care about the patients that come through their doors!

Urgent Care Doctors

One of the most misunderstood concepts about urgent cares is that you won’t see doctors.  The truth is urgent cares are ran by board certified doctors.  Most of the time there’s several emergency certified doctors on duty.  What this means to you is simple; if you go to an urgent care you’re going to get the same quality of care (if not better), then you will at an emergency room.  

The reason of ‘if not better’ is simple: these doctors aren’t in the same rush that comes with working in a traditional emergency room.  They have deliberately decided that taking the time a patient needs, is more important then having to rush from patient to patient.  That alone makes going to an urgent care a better option then going to the emergency room.

Urgent cares also have the same type of equipment and labs as the emergency room does.  Like when seeing a physician, a lower number of patients means getting the test results back sooner.  Which in turn means that you get the medicine you need faster.

Urgent Care Doctors...
care about you and show it!

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Give it a Title?

When you need to be seen, you want to be seen quickly.  This is one of the many areas that urgent cares run circles around emergency rooms.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been to an emergency room and sat for 6-8 hours before I was ever taken back.  I understand why, after all if I were shot or having a heart attack, I’d want to go before a rupture appendix.  But I also get that I shouldn’t have to sit in the waiting room with poison going through my body because a lady fakes fainting. 

With urgent cares, you get in and out quickly.  They can handle most anything that comes through the door AND they cost a fraction of the price that the emergency rooms cost. What this means to you is clear.  Urgent cares have more advantages than emergency rooms across the board.  If it’s life threatening, you can still go to an urgent care in order to be stabilized, but you will be transferred to an emergency room.  

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