When You Need A Doctor NOW!

Going to see the doctor isn’t usually a fun thing to do.  For must of us it ranks right up there with going to have a root canal or a tooth pulled.  

I believe for the most part it’s because of the lack of care that is really given (in and out in 30 seconds), and the high prices that we’re charged for those 30 second visits.  Sometimes it can’t be helped.  Someone more critical may come in and so the doctor has to hurry off. 

Sometimes it’s just because they think they’re to good for us.  One of my favorite lines was from the movie Patch Adams, where Patch was going before a medical board to plead his case.  Part of his argument was simple, “…

This brings with it the challenge of seeing a doctor in a timely matter and one that understand what you’re saying and isn’t condescending. May I suggest a possible paradigm shift for you…go see an urgent care doctor.

Urgent Care...
when immediate medical attention is needed for acute or chronic illnesses!

What They Offer

When you go to an urgent care, they should have a large range of attributes, like those offered at Boca Regional Urgent Care.  Therefore I am using then as a reference point, that you should also use in your local area for urgent care services.  

First urgent cares are lifted above emergency rooms in the speed that they will almost certainly get you in to see the physician.  I’ve waited up to 6 hours just to be taken back to see the doctor only to find out later I was sitting their with a ruptured appendix the entire time. That wont happen with an urgent care for a number of reasons including you can set an appointment with them, and walk right in. 

If it’s a decent urgent care, you should also have onsite X-Rays and an onsite pharmacy.  The last thing you want is to be diagnosed with pneumonia and have to make another stop on the way home.  Being able to be diagnosed with an x-ray and getting your medication quick is critical, especially if it’s a diagnoses like pneumonia. 

Urgent cares save you
time and money. It’s just a matter of putting them first in your mind.

Boca Regional Urgent Care100602

Shots And Lab Services

Any urgent care worth anything will also have laboratory services to confirm and assist in helping with your diagnosis. Not having a laboratory is like not having a computer or a cell phone.  It’s next to impossible to get your job done without one.  Is it mandatory…no.  But for confirmation of a illness or an actual diagnosis, it’s mandatory.  

I’m sure there are some urgent cares that don’t, but if they don’t you need to be really careful on your determination as to going to see the physicians at that location.  

Speaking of physicians.  Those at urgent care should have a wide range of expertise and experience.  Most urgent care doctors were originally emergency room doctors, and saw the need for a bridge between emergency rooms the ‘office’ doctor.  Thereby starting an urgent care.  There should be someone that’s specialize in children as well as internist.  

The bottom line is this:
when you need to see a doctor quickly, the urgent care is your best bet!

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