Boca Regional Urgent Care ~ Is what a Urgent Care Should Be

The Few, The Elite

There are always those few that stand out above the rest. You know them when you see them. There are three people that I would consider elite. Some I’ve only experienced from afar, and others were in my life personally. First is Mother Theresa. She lived out the concept of unconditional love that most people simply talk about.  She went to places where no one else wanted to go, and she loved people where they were. It set her apart, and helped her rise to an elite level that few others have been. The same is true for Princess Diana, which is exactly why when she died, everyone mourned.  She loved people, and people loved her in return!  
On a personal level was my OB/GYN.  He was known as someone who pampered his moms to be.  He is such a rare doctor that there was always a waiting list to get him as your physician, which says a lot in his profession.  One of the things that set him apart was his ability to truly listen and investigate any problem you brought to him. That may sound strange to you, but consider that most doctors, don’t treat something that isn’t their specialty. If you go in for your stomach hurting, don’t ask about the pain in your foot. He’ll send you to a podiatrist for that; it’s not his area.  This doctor didn’t do that. He would handle it himself. He understands that the body is a whole, and what’s going on in one area impacts another. 
Enter, Boca Regional Urgent Care. They are in this realm of elite! 

Mother Theresa Proved...
Love covers a multitude of sins.

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The Difference

I eluded to the difference between people, that allows some to shine, while others seemingly fall by the way side.  The difference is love.  You see, if you love what you do, then that love will shine through and make all the difference to those you deal with.  This is especially true in the wold of medicine.  Why and how could I say such a thing?  Because when you’re not feeling well, it’s when you need those that are going to be helping and taking care of you, to have compassion and understanding…to love you.  
It means that they will truly listen to you to find out the real problems, signs and symptoms that are going on.  It means that they will listen.  To be a doctor with heart means, that you understand if someone isn’t feeling well, that they may not always be kind, but irritable at times.  Being a doctor with heart, means that when you have to give tough news, that you do it as gentle as possible and with as much loving kindness as you can possibly do it.  Because you know that the person that walked in the front door, is going to be different when they leave. 
It’s these characteristics and traits that those at Boca Regional Urgent Care posses.  
But there’s still more!

The heart of the company...
reflects on those that work there! What is your company saying?

What you can expect!

What you can expect!

In most cases when you go to Boca Regional Urgent Care, you’ll find that they can run all the needed test there.  No waiting for another appointment on another day.  You’ll find that you don’t have the long entry time it usually takes to get in and see a physician.  You’ll find that it cost less that going to the emergency room.  You’ll find that the doctors truly know how to listen, and understand where you’re at rather than where they’re at.  
When you really want the elite in medical care, but you don’t want the prices, and you don’t want to have weeks in between test, then this urgent care, is the right choice at that crucial time.  

And remember,
emergency rooms and urgent cares, aren’t the same thing.

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