Are You Eating Right?

Burgers, Fries, and a Hot Cup of Tea?

Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? But, do you know that you are supposed to drink something warm or hot with your meals? That’s just not the American way, though, which is one of the main reasons we have the obesity epidemic that we do today. Even our kids are fat now! Next time you are in a restaurant, look around to see if you see any Orientals dining. If they have not been over here too long ( our customs have a way of infiltrating others’ ), they probably will finish their meals with a hot cup of tea, or broth. Want to know why? Well, when you eat something, your body is like a pot on the stove. Once digestion starts ( which starts while you are eating, not after you eat ), it’s like the pot has begun to simmer or boil. If you know anything about cooking, what happens if you pour a cup of cold water into that pot? It stops cooking. That’s what happens inside our bodies when we eat that burger and fries and wash it down with an ice-cold Coke. It stops cooking, and to make matters worse, anything that is bad in what we’ve eaten solidifies, especially the fats and greases. That can’t be good. It would be like putting grease down the drain. Keep doing it, and the pipes will become clogged, eventually. That’s why so many of us have digestion issues, ie. acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, irritable bowels, upset stomach, and the like. That’s why the drug companies make so much money ‘pushing’ products like Tum’s, Pepto Bismol, Milk of Magnesia, Peptid AC, Mylanta, Prevacid, Alka Seltzer, Zantac, and Prilosec, just to name a few. And not that they care either. It’s all about the money. There’s more than enough of us to keep the population going. It’s a constant supply. The commercials are all over. Next time you feel yourself getting that heartburn, though, reach for the vinegar. Plain vinegar ( or any other kind ), or pickle juice, or ketchup, or mustard. If it’s got vinegar in it, it will stop that heartburn, or acid reflux, in mere seconds. But, if you want to avoid the feeling altogether, get into the habit of drinking something warm, or hot, with your meals. Your body will thank you. And, you may notice a weight loss, eventually. But, it’s a tough habit to break ( if you think smokers have a tough time quitting, wait til you try to do this ). Remember, they’ve been pushing burgers, fries, and Cokes ( or shakes ) forever. We’ve been well-trained. Let’s break the cycle. That’s just my thoughts, though. What’s yours?


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