Eating Out what you should Expect

How to Find the Perfect Pub

I love Pubs, not bars, not gin mills, Pubs.
I love a good atmosphere surrounded by good people, great service, Good Cold Beer on tap, a bartender than can make you laugh and a cook in the kitchen that will make you want to order seconds, and possibly thirds.
First thing I look for when I walk through the doors of a local pub is a large clean sunny establishment. Glistening brass surrounding a highly polished oak bar.
Gazing behind the bar I love to see the bottles sparkle, and the tap bar, running clean and bright. Glasses that shine as if they were auditioning for a Cascade commercail, fruit that is gorgeous in color and fresh and plump.
I love a clean, personable funny, well dressed Bartender, who, if by chance does not know how to make the cocktail that you ordered, will ask you how you would like them to make it, rather than diving in a manual.
I love a full fresh menu of great homemade soups, nachos , wings, big fresh juicy burgers served on Kaiser rolls , steaks, steamers, salads using fresh local ingredients. Good old fashioned delicious well cooked finger foods . Any thing else I feel should be served at a restaurant.
A great local pub is an extension of your kitchen table,where you would want to eat and be served the way you would serve your family and guests.
Pubs with great food , wonderful employees are an asset to a community.
A fine Local pub will hold fund raisers for those in the community who have had a disaster or sickness.
A great Local pub is . . …
“Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came”

Check Local Papers
Always check local papers and even google the restaurant and go to their site to find printable coupons and specials

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