Bedrock Bunions

Feet, feet, feet. Just like hair and the rest of the body, foot appearance is important to people. Different racial cultures throughout time have done things to beautify feet. Foot grooming has been known by people since ancient times. Tattooing, applying rings, bangles, and piercings have been done.
Back then, customs such as these had different meanings. Reasons for getting feet done have changed these days. These days, getting ones feet and toes done can symbolize love, care, and self-esteem, also. Not only does this enhance personl appearance of the human body, depending on what is done to the feet and toes, it can affect a person’s health as well.
The health of one’s feet and toes start from the inside out, meaning how a person cares for their body by having a healthy diet, proper exercise, and personal hygiene. Lack of concern for the above mentioned can cause problems with foot health.
An example is diabetes. Once diabetes sets in, a diabetic has to constantly keep up with their feet. An example for lack of hygiene is foot fungus or infection. There are different types. People walking around without keeping their feet and toes clean can have a build-up of dirt and bacteria that can collect in between the toes and under toenails.
It is important to keep these areas (just like the rest of the body) clean, dry(dry with a towel in between each toe, taking care not to walk around ashy, either), and clipped (toenails). It is a luxury to go to your local nail salon to get those feet and toes done. It usually makes a person’s feet and toes feel better, have a better appearance, and keep feet healthy by continuing to keep circulation flowing as well.
Walking around barefoot can lead to grass cuts which can be very uncomfortable to the toes.
Not to mention the fact that people do some of the grossest things in public. What people do in public often goes straight to the grass and sidewalks. Pigeons are just as bad. So are people’s beloved pets, who leave droppings not removed by their owners.
Next, there are men who have foot fetishes. To add, some men determine their future partner by judging the appearance of the feet and toes alone. Some men even dump females after discovering their dislike of the appearance of their partner’s feet and toes altogether. An example of this situation is Eddie Murphy’s character in the box office hit Boomerang.
This man had more than just a “pet peeve” about a woman’s toes. It is amazing that it is men who often pay attention to women’s feet. Look out, honey! Men, there are women looking at your feet, too! Summer is approaching. In warmer climates and sometimes year round, men usually wear slippers, thongs, and various other types of shoes where toes and parts of the top of the feet are visible to everyone.
The question is: What do a lot of men do with their feet and toes? The answer is: ignore them. Most of the time men put shoes and socks on, put their shoes on revealing their feet and toes, or even on rare occasions walk around in public bare footed.
A lot of men have been known to ignore the appearance and health of their feet and toes altogether. And, in most cases, men are the ones walking around with the ugliest feet and toes in appearance. Another question is: What are the many things seen in public pertaining to men’s feet? Let’s see.
A lot of men have and are walking around with big bunions, callouses, discolored, and raggedy looking toenails that look like they have been through a paper shredder! Look out Fred Flintstone! There are rivals out there! Some mens toes (especially the big ones) look like doorknobs. Then, there are men’s toenails that are unclipped, resembling bear claws or half the size of a sloth’s claws.
Men need to take care of their feet and toes, too. All in all, men, your feet are just as important. Whether you have “rock biter” sized feet, get those “Bedrock bunions” done!”

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