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Office Foot Rest | A Selection for Everyone!

Shopping for an office foot rest doesn’t sound too thrilling, but once you see what options are available to you, you will be amazed at your choice.

I personally use a foot rest and love it.

If you have never used one before, you don’t know what you are missing out on. And if you’ve ever had one, you’ll know what I mean!

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Different Types of Office Foot Rests

There are quite a few options to look when buying an office foot rest.  You need to consider the design (you want something that appeals to you), the amount of angle you need to adjust, if you want light cushioning on top and even if you want one that is heated.  Click on each image for more detailed information.

Foot Cushion, Half-Cylinder Design, Foam, Black 92311
Foot Cushion, Half-Cylinder Design, Foam, Black 92311

Fellowes Standard Foot Rest
Fellowes Standard Foot Rest

Kensington SoleSaver Ergonomic Footrest (K56152US)
Kensington SoleSaver Ergonomic Footrest (K56152US)

Kantek Premium Adjustable Footrest with Rollers, 4 to 6.5 Inch Height, Black (FR750)
Kantek Premium Adjustable Footrest with Rollers, 4 to 6.5 Inch Height, Black (FR750)

AR6015 Under Desk Foot Rest, 18
AR6015 Under Desk Foot Rest, 18″ Ergonomic Foot Stand for Office and Home Office

Safco 2106 Ergo-Comfort Adjustable Footrest, 18.5
Safco 2106 Ergo-Comfort Adjustable Footrest, 18.5″W x 11.5″D x 8″H, Black, 1 Count

Heated Office Foot Rest

Indus-Tool TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated FootrestErgonomic Heated Office Foot Rest

If your office is chilly or has a cool breeze coming at your feet, you will love this heated foot rest.  Simply adjust the temperature to what feels best for you and keep comfortable for the rest of the day.

It is portable so it can be moved around under your desk or move it to another location.  The angled base swivles so that it can adjust if you want to stretch out your legs!

On the days that you don’t need the heat, just turn it off and use it as an adjustable foot rest.

Webble Office Foot Rest | Top of the Line!

Webble Ergonomic Office Foot RestWebble Ergonomic Office Foot Rest
This Weeble is the top of the class when it comes to an office foot rest. It is pricier than most (sorry) but in researching all of the reveiws out there on this product, almost all of the people who have bought it love it. If your company doesn’t mind the price tag, then go for it. If you are spending your own money then you need to assess your needs and the value to you.
The only negative feedback that I have been able to find (other than the price) is that the canisters that it rolls on move too quickly if you are on a hard surface (wood or cement floor). If you are on carpeting then the movement slows down and you will get greater benefit out of the product.
It did win an innovation award, so the experts think it is pretty good as well!

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