Living with hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is linked to over 59 major diseases, such as; heart condition,acne,dry skin,swelling of the tongue and dark circles under the eyes and even dry brittle hair and constipation and many other major diseases. I know and am aware of how it is like to living with hyperthyroidism for I was diagnose with thyroid problems a few years now. I believe that many of my health problems are due to living with hyperthyroidism. If I only had a second opinion before I made my final decision of having my thyroid removed I believe I could of had some other alternatives to maybe having my thyroid saved. 52 million people are effected by thyroid condition. A thyroid is the shape of a butterfly and one tiny thyroid. In some cases, some people can be misdiagnose having hyperthyroidism so a second opinion is best. Living with hyperthyroidism it affects every cell in my body and controls in how I feel from day by day. Having my thyroid removed I have to depend on a medication called Syn thyroid to keep my thyroid functioning. Since my thyroid was removed by Iodine/radiation my health has went down hill. I have trouble with some of the medical conditions that I have mentioned above, like dry skin, dark circles under my eyes, exhaustion, tiredness and dry brittle hair and constipation and my voice has changed and cold skin. Every three months I have to have a blood test which is a TSH blood test to check my T4 level. According to research studies approximately 60 to 80 percent of American people suffers from undiagnose abnormal thyroid condition. Thyroid ism is number one caused of heart disease. Statement made by Dr. Brownstein: who is a specialist that works with people with thyroid conditions: Never put your trust in anything but your own intellent that can kill you. Stay away from Soy products, Vitamin A. Always ask for second opinion when it comes to any medical condition. It always wise to get another Dr’s advise or specialist. Take care of your health because your health can’t take care of itself without you.

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