Why you should choose Eco Friendly products

If your home is anything like most, it contains dozens of cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals. Studies have shown that most households contain more than 60 hazardous products that together contain hundreds of chemicals. These chemicals have the potential to greatly harm or even kill your children, your pets and you, should they accidentally not be used with upmost caution. All natural cleaners from Veriuni are shown safe yet effective, and they’re among the best natural home cleaning products you can buy today.


Why Should We Choose Eco Friendly Products?


While there are many effective household cleaning products available in your local supermarket or discount store, you may see some surprising ingredients if you read the label closely.


Many of these products contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, petrochemicals, and VOC’s. It is risky to have these chemicals in your home in the case of accidental ingestion or physical contact. Breathing the fumes of some chemicals, especially over time, can be damaging to your health. In addition, small amounts of residual product can be left on surfaces or in the air following cleaning, adversely affecting your home’s air quality.

Important reasons to consider using non-toxic cleaning products:

  • Eco friendly products encourage and enable healthy lifestyles for people who care enough for the society and environment they live in. Thus, they encourage safe living for future generations.

  • Eco friendly products are made with fewer raw materials. That means there is comparatively less destruction of forests and trees.

  • Sustainable, eco friendly products are typically cheaper and they last longer. The cost of most products is dependent on the kind of materials used. These products have a longer payback period and represent the correct use of resources.

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