Best Self-Help Book for Patients

Best Self-Help Book for Patients

Our thoughts and beliefs could be the root cause of illnesses. This is one of the main points I learn from the best
self-help book entitled You Can Heal your Life written by the woman I really admired: Louise L. Hay.

I am very lucky to own this book before my clinic doctor’s diagnosis there may be melanoma on the scalp. Before I went to the hospital for further examination, I continue reading it as I want to build a strong mentality and self-confidence to tackle this kind of illness. Click the link if you are interested to know my full story about melanoma on the scalp.

In fact, the author’s story is much more touching. She was a cancer patient and experienced an unhappy childhood. You’ll probably feel sad when you get to know her story at the beginning of the book.

Today, she is fully recovered and says goodbye to cancer. She enjoys a healthy and happier life every single day now. In this self-help book, you’ll discover her journey to where she is in her evolvement. On top of that, there is a reference guide about probable mental patterns behind diseases presented in the last section of the book.

This is one of the reasons I said this is the best self-help book for patients. I personally found that there is a great reference guide to help us have a better understanding of what’s wrong with our “inner child”. By then, we can create a positive affirmation to heal ourselves.

Please do not misunderstand my words here. I have no means to keep the doctor away when we are sick. However, I found that our personal mentality is playing an important role with regard to our health. If our mindset if full of negative thinking, we may be getting serious, don’t you agree?

The author, Louise, had shared the best approaches to begin our day with positive thoughts. Another great lesson I learn from her loves our “inner child”.

There are so many things that happen in our life from a kid’s growth and turn to be an adult. I don’t know about you. But I have to admit that the majority of my memories containing sad stories such as being hurt by someone or a failure in my career. Although those events happened many years ago, my “inner child” actually being hurt and don’t
recover yet.

We have to take care of our “inner child” and you’ll discover how to express love to our “inner child” in this great book. It is important to eliminate the guilty conscience that we don’t realize and throw away the negative beliefs that limited ourselves to enjoy a better life.

I personally love this self-help book so much. Best of all, we too can heal our life if we are practicing the ways she has been done. I already ordered five copies in order to distribute to friends who are facing illnesses especially those suffering emotional disease.

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Best Self-Help Workbook


This is a very good workbook that releases exercises that specially designed for you to discover your negative beliefs which limit yourself to have a better life.

By then, you could create positive affirmations to relieve yourself from the past and move on to the bright future.

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