Top 5 Best Self Help Books

Top Gift for Book Lovers: Best Self Help Books

The best self help books are the best gift on any occasion from birthday to Christmas. In fact, they are the best present for people you care not only the book lovers.

I can’t remember how many people I have been gift this kind of present. At this moment, I just can recall 2 persons. One is my friend who always complaint her life with a lot of family issues. Another case is my sister in law who facing divorce problem.

Yes, both are sad case. I have no ideas how to help them and finally I presented them best self help books. I hope that they manage to figure out what they want and what they don’t want after reading; consequently make a right decision to solve their problem.

I found that a person’s thinking plays an important role to determine a happy or sad life. Simply, our mindset controls our life. A person who has positive thinking could have a better life, don’t you agree?


Book For Unhappy People

self-help booksThis book is talking about the incredible power off faith. From a person who has NOTHING to become a wonderful guy who owns everything, Nick Vujicic wants to tell everyone that you can control your respond way to any circumstances.

The author is sharing his life story of being born without arms or legs. You’ll be encouraged indirectly and start look at your own life. Some people feel ashamed for complaining this and that everyday after complete reading his book.

If he enjoys his life everyday, why people like you and me who growth with normal body unhappy? No arm no leg no worries? NO! He bravely facing all the obstacles in his life and do his best to address issues one by one.

If you are going to give up your important thing even your life, look at him and read this book.
Look at him, there is one statement comes into my mind: everything is possible if we insist and never give up.

Book For People Who Hate Themselves

Some people found that difficult to apply the Law Of Attraction to make their dream come true. This might be due to they hate themselves. They might feel guilty conscience. This is great book to guide us love our inner child and consequently heal ourselves.

In beginning of this book, the author shared her sad life when she was young and how she managed to overcome obstacle and getting better life. She also shared how she successfully heal herself and say goodbye to “cancer”.

After read the book, I found the reason why I at my current stage. I am more understand myself. I am practicing the approach she reveal in the book for getting best health and better life.

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You can heal your life
best self-help books


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