Build Some Muscle in the Lawn

Time to Mow Like a Man

Gas lawn mowers are only one of the several power tools and appliances that made certain tasks easier only to deprive us of another exercise opportunity and contribute to the sedentary lifestyle that is slowly but steadily sucking the muscle out of you and leaving you with countless pounds of fat. It is this fat that makes people pay for shiploads of fishy exercise equipment and ab shaping devices only to come across disappointment after disappointment. There are many things you can do and you probably should do to resist the fat invasion and take back the lean body you deserve to have. One of them is to get a reel lawn mower this spring. Could pushing a lawn mower around the lawn be the solution to your belly fat? Perhaps, it will not let you get abs on its own but it is certainly a great start. If you are using a power mower to keep your lawn in shape, changing to a manual push mower will make you burn many calories while working out some key muscle groups.

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How Will A Reel Mower Train Your Body?

According to, Working with a self-propelled power lawn mower costs you on average 250 calories an hour, which is slightly more than if not equal to walking in a slow pace. Pushing a reel lawn mower on the other hand will get your body to burn 500 calories. That means an extra pound of fat burned every for 28 hours of lawn mowing. But wait! Mowing with a reel mower will also take longer and that will add to the extra calories you burn every weekend. And that is not all. You will also be going through a stranous training of core muscles, arms, shoulds and even legs. This exercise is a great supplement to what you do in the gym and in some ways even better than the gym because as you run the mower over rugged terrain, your muscles come across all sorts of unexpected forces, which let them train much more efficiently than what is offered by endless repetitions of ho-hum bicep curls.

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