Fisher Price Bubble Lawn Mower

If you’re wondering what to get that toddler for his/her 1st or 2nd birthday, you really might want to take a look at this Bubble Lawn Mower from Fisher Price.

Kids LOVE it!

The bubbles are a fun… the noises are fun… and parents love how easy it is to put together and how long it lasts.

Let’s talk about this bubble mower some more… or –

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This Bubble Mower Makes the Perfect Gift

Toy Lawn Mowers with Bubbles??

You bet! And Kids LOVE ’em!

This toy lawn mower from Fisher-Price is simple to put together, super sturdy and durable, AND blows bubbles while your child “mows” the yard!

It also makes ‘lawn mower’ noises as well which kids LOVE!

Just to note:

Parents like the noises this bubble lawnmower makes too – they’re not obnoxious noises like the horrific noises some outdoor toddler toys make.

Bubble Mower for Little Girls

Pink Bubble Mower

Hey, girls cut the grass, too! No better way to cut the grass in style than with a PINK bubble mower!

With a real sounding start-up motor and bubbles galore, she is sure to have a ton of fun with this bubble maker toy lawn mower!

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Bubble Mower Details

Bubble Mower Details

This cute little bubble mower from FP has exactly TWO parts to put together.

Nice change from the million and one piece toys we parents get challenged with, isn’t it?

While the bubbles are really fun, I think the best part for kids is the sounds the mower makes. It sounds “real” to them and makes them feel like they are really cutting the grass (just like Daddy!)

Kids love to imitate and this is the perfect toy to grow their imagination.

As you can see in the picture, there are just enough levers to please kids, but not so many that you have to worry about what will break next.

One of the levers is the ‘speed’ of the lawnmower – Faster like the Rabbit picture, or slower like the turtle picture. Kids get that…and love it!

Plus, the faster they go, the more bubbles come out….. but don’t worry! This toy lawn mower is really durable. The wheels are tough and survive over the bumpiest yard without breaking.

If you’re looking for a gift for a one-year-old or two-year-old, this is perfect (boy or girl).

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