Fun Kids Voice Changing Masks

Kids Have Fun Changing Their Voice With Voice Changing Play Masks

Let your kids have a blast changing their voice to their favorite TV character’s voice. The mask can create a whole new imaginative world. Kids voice changing masks are fun because the allow a child to feel more like their character they are pretending to be, rather they have a costume on or not.

Play costume masks can easily be some of the most played with toys in a boys toy box. It does not have to be Halloween for a kid to be in a mask for kids with a great imagination and a love for fun characters like the Incredible Hulk, BubbleBee, Optumus Prime, Terminator or Star-war characters.

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Incredible Hulk Voice Changing Masks

This fun Green Hulk Mask is made out of thick durable plastic with a elastic strap, perfect for getting through a kids toy box and easy for them to put on/take off themselves. Kids will chuckle as they say “Hulk Smash, Hulk Smash” and hear their voice sound like the Incredible hulk.

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Star Wars Voice Changing Masks

Do your boys have a thing for Darth Vader or do they like to pretend they are a Storm Trooper? Kids that are Star War lovers will love these masks, you may find every time they watch their favorite Star Wars Movie they may have their Mask on ready to talk just like their favorite character.

Terminator Voice Changing Roleplay Mask

Terminator Voice Changing Roleplay Mask

This will be the prized toy for any boy who love the Classic Movie Terminator or maybe they just love robots. This cool Terminator mask has more then a simple voice changer, it has active corresponding sounds you can play with your voice and it has fun lights to help your child get more into character.

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