Lighthouse Garden Bird Feeders

Lighthouse Bird Feeders

You can be close to the ocean or just have a yard full of flowers and these lighthouse bird feeders will remind you of long walks on the beach at night. Great for mothers day gifts or just a gift for someone special that loves to feed the birds.

When looking for a lighthouse bird feeder you want to think about how tall you want the light house, how you want the bird feeder installed and where you want it installed.

What I especially love about these bird feeders is it takes something so special and important and puts it right in your yard – if you are a lighthouse lover these are so great! And such a great gift too! I think the ones that give off light are especially clever.

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Great Garden Birdfeeders - Get Already Made Birdfeeders Or Build Your Own!

Great Garden Birdfeeders – Get Already Made Birdfeeders Or Build Your Own!

Classic Red and White Lighthouse bird feeders

Wooden lighthouse bird feeders with white and red paint is the classic design.

With the classic look you can also find bird feeders with a few extra design twists that keeps the bird feeder interesting.

Lighthouse Bird Feeder With Solar Light On Top

Solar-Powered Lighthouse Bird Feeder

This lighthouse bird feeder is extra special because not only does it feed the birds but it is a great way to give the yard a little light. The light is powered with solar power and recharges after sitting in the sun.

Lighthouse Wooden Bird Feeder Plan

Woodworking Project Paper Plan to Build Lighthouse Birdhouse
This is a simple woodworking plan for you to make your own lighthouse bird feeder at home. Directions are simple and to the point.


Red Lighthouse Lantern Feeder

This feeder is very bold looking and would look great hanging from any tree. It is bright red and has multiple areas for the birds to land and take the food out.

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