Concrete Bird Baths

Classic and The Not So Classic Concrete Bird Baths

When picturing a bird bath the most common vision is white concrete bird baths that looks like an elevated tub or round bowl. The classic concrete bird bath can be a great addition to any garden or a nice touch to a open yard. They attract a lot of birds and make the yard a bit more interesting.

If you want to take a step a little further from the classic concrete bird bath you can buy a solar powered bird bath that lights up the bath at night without having to run electricity to it or have to replace batteries to it.

There are also fun statue concrete bird baths and even color bird baths. Colored concrete bird baths can a touch of color to a yard without making it go to dramatic.

Lighthouse Garden Bird Feeders84044

A Variety Of Different Concrete Bird Baths To Choose From

Concrete Bird Baths That Light Up

Bird baths does not have to be only for day decor. Solar concrete bird baths can be a eye stopping during the day and night.

Shabby Cottage Chic Bird Bath Feeder with Pedestal

If you do not have a lot of space this short bird bath may do the trick.

Wall Hanging Concrete Bird Bath

No room for a bird bath. For small areas try a wall hanging concrete bird bath.

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