Buy Predaking Reissue Or Transformers Predaking Platinum?

Transformers Predaking Review

Predaking is one of the greatest toys I ever had when I was child. It’s one of the Transformer toys (along with the Constructicons and others) that allowed you to combine a couple of Decepticons to form a larger one.
My Predaking toy stayed on with up until it got eaten up by fire in accident this year. I missed it so I decided to buy a replacement. I found out that there is reissue of it released in 2010 and the Transformers Predaking Platinum. I bought both.
This article will highlight the similarities and differences of these two versions so you can choose which one to buy if you can only afford one.

Transformers Predaking Toys Comparison

I love the platnium finish which makes up the more diecast influence on the individual Predacons themselves.With the original you had a yellow plastic to go with the orange and black color combo,but the platnium diecast finish gives some golden looking touches to the Predaking which work very well together for the overall apperance.If you are a classic G1 transformer fan or collector this is a must have that is worth every penny in case you missed out the first time.For newer fans not as informed about the G1 version Predaking this is the best combiner transformer for your money where all five Predacons Divebomb,Rampage,Leader Razorclaw,Headstrong,and Torox(original name is Tantrum)are easy to transform and connect easily together to form the mighty Predaking.

The Predacons are all constructed with high quality,secure joints,and will bring hours of enjoyment to all transformer fans.This bad boy is a little heavy due to the diecast influence on some of the parts which will make him lean forward a little when he is formed as Predaking,but it is a very minor lean so there are no worries there.I do own the original Takara G1 version and while it leans forward a little as well it has never fallen over,so this is nothing to worry about.One other thing that is the same as on the original is the left arm will rotate up 2-clicks,If you try to rotate it all the way up you will put to much pressure on the peg in the rotater cup and you will snap or break the connector peg from divebomb or rampage.

This is fixable by filing down the peg piece in the rotator cup or switching the arms back and forth to the right side.The other new addition is the Predaking sword which is bigger and just more menacing than ever.The new sword is a definite A+.If you love G1 Predaking you will love this Platinum Edition version 2013.

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