Common Foods Re-Purposed

New Uses for Common Foods

We’ve all been there….. playing computer games all day and losing track of time. Before you know it the kids are home from school and screaming for dinner. As you’re in the kitchen preparing dinner for the little darlings, you realize during your busy day between gaming and updating your social network profile, you forgot to go to the store.

1. Dandelions

I know some of you are thinking, “ What do those obnoxious weeds have to do with making dinner?”
Well, taken right out of your yard and washed these buggers, either prepared raw as a salad foundation or cooked like spinach or greens, are actually high in vitamins A, B complex, C and D. They are also mineral rich with iron, potassium and zinc, states The University of Maryland Medical Center.
So, if you don’t have any in your yard, your neighbors probably won’t mind a little free landscaping.

2. Non Dairy Creamer and Vegetable or Olive Oil

Making biscuits usually requires butter or shortening and milk. But say you don’t have either. In a pinch you can use vegetable oil or olive oil for the fat. It will have a different texture or consistency but will still taste good. Out of milk too? Mix non- dairy creamer with some water and it can be used in place of regular milk.

3. Apple Sauce and mayonnaise

You’re probably wondering how on earth these to ingredients go together.
Well, the answer is simple: Cake Mix! Either from a box or from scratch these ingredients can make a great cake. Use the applesauce instead of the oil and you will have a cake lower in fat. The mayonnaise will be used in place of actual eggs, because what is mayonnaise made of? Eggs. Use about a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half per egg called for. And finally….

4. Syrup

If you wake up ready for your first cup of coffee and realize you’re out of sugar, use syrup. If you use the right amount, you won’t taste the maple flavor. It’s not what I would use everyday, but it’s a decent alternative!

When you’re cooking think about the items you have and if they can be used differently. It will definitely expand your options!

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