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This page is a tip-of-the-hat nutri bullet blender review, but will mostly be about creative inventions on the recipes that come in the book with your Nutribullet.
 There are many and I’m still getting to know them. Also, I have added to some of them, and simply invented recipes from scratch and on whims. Maybe you’ll like some of mine, as well as getting inspired for some inventions of your own.
The recipe book is excellent in several ways:
It gives you Stage I, II, III well planned approaches for gradually decreasing your “normaL” modern diet of processed, packaged, industrially designed foods, feed lot meats, farmed fish, all raised/grown/processed in questionable locations under questionable conditions. 
It tells you about the healthiest greens to include, the antioxidant  leaders.
It tells you which “boost” foods to add such as walnuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds.  almonds and brazil nuts.
Aside from the many smoothie recipes, you get soup, casserole , dip and salad recipes.
As you can tell, I’m a true fan of the magic bullet Nutribullet.   Once you have one, you will be too!

Flax Seeds As A Boost Food

Why Flax seeds? The omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds are healthy oils that reduce inflammation. Flax seed oil has been recommended by many health practitioners, because of the omega 3 oils.
All omega 3 oils are anti-inflammatory. Medical studies have shown that omega 3 fats contribute to the decrease of inflammation and pain in these conditions:
  • joint pain and muscle pain
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • cancers
  • fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Lupus and MS
  • memory loss and mental confusion
  • depression and anxiety
  • aging in general
  • elimination of parasites from the bowel
The best flax seeds to buy are organic whole seeds. Not milled, as they lose their nutritional strength when they are cut. And you have the Nutribullet to mill them for you! Liquified. No itty bitty bitties to gag down. 
With Nutribullet, smoothie means smoothie!
 I like this choice because the seeds are in square canisters, and the price is for a package of 4. 

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Flax Usa Organic Whole Golden Flax S…
buy from tan

Green Smoothie Drinks For Beauty

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Eating for Beauty
buy from tan

This author also wrote”Superfoods The Food And Medicine of The Future”
“Wolfe is the middle son of two medical doctors, and has an extensive educational background, which gives him a unique perspective in the health field”, from the amazon author description.
We’ve all read many times, I’m sure, that you improve your skin, hair, and weight from the inside out. Learning more about healthy raw foods is going to give your skin a glow, your hair a gloss, and your figure a trim.
Avoiding processed, refined carbohydrate laden foods and replacing them with fresh foods makes a huge difference to your body chemistry. Your body is now welcoming what you ingest, instead of fighting the onslaught of strange matter that it doesn’t recognize, doesn’t digest for energy but does store in places meant for nutrients.
Your brain gets “hijacked” by chemical non-food additives, just like it does with heroin and cocaine. Not kidding.
This is why the Nutribullet Recipe Book is so cool! Watery green drinks get old really fast! Yet they can be delicious!

Organic Liquid Stevias – Flavors!

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Sweetleaf Flavored Sweetener- Vanill…
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This 2 bottle package is a deal and will add a zero carb richness to the tart fruit smoothies. If you have ever used Stevia, you know that one mere drop will sweeten a cup of coffee or tea.
Kids don’t like the tartness of fresh smoothies, especially if they are used to commercial juices and sodas. This vanilla cream will lend body and taste to the nutriblast concoctions you make for them. And for you too!

Why Organic Hemp As A Boost

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Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed, 3 P…
buy from tan

This three pound bulk bag of organic hulled hemp seeds is a great buy.
Hemp is a “boost” food for many of your Nutribullet meals.
“33% protein; 9% omega-3; rich in iron, vitamin E, and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid)” is the nutritional description. Hemp seeds will add fiber to your extracted nutrient meals, as well as protein.

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