Omega Fish Oil and its benefits

Benefits Of Omega Three Fish Oil

Omega Three Fish Oil and Sun Safety

While searching for Omega 3 fish oil, I wanted to also check and see if there were any benefits from
using fish oil to combat ill effects from the sun. Over exposure to the sun is known to cause certain
cancers (melanoma) and can also contribute to the aging process. On the other hand Omega 3 fish oil
has an ability to help with certain conditions and is thought to reduce the chances of acquiring cancer
and many other health issues. I saw that while Omega 3 fish oil is great for many things, I saw no
direct proof that it combats over exposure to the sun. I did see however that its
ingredients are known to help the skin aging process. It should be noted that too much of
anything can have an ill effect on the body. In this case being too much sun or two much fish oil, but
doses of each in moderation may actually be beneficial to the body.

Safety in the sun can only be guaranteed by using proper sunscreen or using other protection such as
hats and proper clothing. The benefits of the sun itself in moderation can fight the effects of depression
by increasing the chemical serotonin in your body. From my research the sun is known to help fight
a few common ailments, and moderate doses are the key to getting any benefits. The sun is
known to help with seasonal affective disorder as well. I did not see any real benefit from using Omega
3 fish oil to combat the effects of the sun, rather its properties are known to help with the skin aging
process. Since the sun is also known to increase the skin’s aging process moderate doses of Omega 3
fish oil could perhaps help with repairing damaged skin from overexposure. I am sure in most cases of
skin damage the effects are most likely irreversible. Safety in the sun can only be guaranteed by using
some form of sun protection whether it be an over the counter sunscreen or added clothing when

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