Barking dogs are the number one reason why neighbors have disputes…

Steps To Being A Good Neighbor
A short extract outlining a number of guidelines to consider
in order to become a perfect neighbor. With a dramatic rise
in neighborhood disputes in recent years, this article aims
to provide an excellent approach to the prevention of
such altercations with your residential neighbors.
– May 15, 2007,   by Robert Reeve

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Get to Know the Kind of Neighborhood Before Buying
a House
  If you are a home buyer it is a wise thing to do
to check out your prospective neighborhood before
anything else. No matter how good looking is the property
that you intend to purchase, the most important thing to
consider is the neighborhood or even the entire community; 

Because once the purchase has been consummated and
you found out later that you are living among the
unpleasant people in the neighborhood,
there is no way
you can reverse your situation unless you will have to move
to another community and sell your home.
– Dec 06, 2010  Molina by Flynna Sarah

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3 Habits of Highly Effective Home Owners 
Buying a home is a huge step in the life of any person. After years
of renting and letting your landlord take care of everything, now is
your turn. After you buy your home, its maintenance needs to
become a part of your routine.
– Jul 06, 2015  by Steve Morris
Four Deal Breakers When Looking at Homes For Sale 
Although most homes for sale will have some minor issues you can
overlook, certain aspects can definitely be considered deal breakers.
Read on for more info on what to look out for.
– Jun 30, 2015,  by Alfred Ardis 

Getting to Know Your New Community
After Moving to a new, place can bring along with it uncertainties of all
types. Humans are social creatures and often long to have a sense
of belonging.
In other words, it’s normal to seek out friendships and
make connections for security, health, and assistance when you need it.
For some, meeting new people comes by second nature. For others,
breaking out of the shell can be a bit more difficult.
– Sep 16, 2008  by Lorne MacInnes
Becoming Your Best Self – How to Be a Good Neighbor 
When it comes to neighbors, what kind are you? Here are some tips for
being a great neighbor!—How-to-Be-a-Good-Neighbor&id=2721622
– Aug 06, 2009  by Louise Kaelin
4 Steps to Help Your Children Make Friends 
We all know moving can be traumatic. It is hard. I should know. Making
friends for some in a new place can be tough
Other kids adjust quickly
to all the changes and make friends easily. All the changes can be tough
and friends normally take long. I have been looking into this a bit lately due
to our recent move and what our “sniff” sweet kids are going through.
– Feb 27, 2006, by Jake Rinard

A Good Neighbor 
Good neighbors are a treasure. We are blessed to have some.
– Jul 01, 2014  by Stephanie B. Blakeby  
Love Thy Neighbor? 
Learn why getting to know who lives next door may just be as important
as picking out the right home. You’re not just buying a house, but also a
– Mar 14, 2008, by Cecilia Sherrard
How To Deal With Bad Neighbors 
A bad neighbor is a nightmare for a homeowner. This is why it is essential
that you check the neighborhood first and get to know the people before you
decide to purchase a property there.
However, it is often difficult to detect if
you are going to have bad neighbors. They always seem nicer when you
talk to them until you get to move next to them. So how are you going to deal
with bad neighbors?
– Sep 10, 2010  by Roby Hicks

Should Neighbors Stop Smoking Outside? 
I like my neighbors. As a matter of fact, I really like my neighbors. But when they
 smoke, which is frequent and often, I have a choice between smoking with them
or closing the door to my beautiful haven, my balcony. I usually close the balcony…
– Feb 21, 2010,  by Suzanne Zacharia
Do You Have Bad Pet Neighbors? 
Sooner or later most of us will encounter a bad pet neighbor. Maybe it’s someone
with a dog that barks all night. Maybe it’s someone who doesn’t like dogs or who
hassles you about your own dog for some reason. But if you have pets you’ll
probably have to deal with someone like this sooner or later. Fortunately, there are
a few things you can do to make the situation better…
– Nov 13, 2014,  by Wayne Booth

 photo dogtraining_zpshpjapuxf.png

Barking Dogs Need Mediators
– Mediation Helps in Neighbor Disputes 
Barking dogs are the number one reason why neighbors have disputes.
That is not the only reason, though. There are many reasons why
neighborhood lawsuits arise — views, privacy, trespass, nuisance and noise.
Most neighbors don’t know how to resolve their disputes. Mediation can be a
very effective tool to help resolve your dispute. Learn techniques used by
mediators to help resolve your dispute before it gets into a lawsuit.—Mediation-Helps-in-Neighbor-Disputes&id=2229446 – Apr 16, 2009,  by Steve Mehta photo
Solutions for Noisy Neighbors 
Having a noisy neighbor can be a really upsetting experience. At one end of
the scale, noisy neighbors can prevent you enjoying simple things in your
home – listening to music, reading a magazine or just watching a DVD can
become difficult. At the other end of the scale, noisy neighbors can stop you
sleeping, preventing you getting a good night’s rest which can affect other areas
of your life.
– Jan 11, 2008, by Edward Diver

Electronic Hearing Protector

Electronic Hearing Protector

How To Confront A Nosy Neighbor 

Confronting a nosy neighbor the wrong way can start conflicts. To be able to
avoid this, here are a few helpful hints on how to do it the correct way.
– Nov 01, 2010  by Charlene Nuble

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Enjoying Simple Things In Your Home
Listening to music, reading a magazine or just watching a DVD At the other end of the scale, noisy neighbors can stop you sleeping, preventing you getting a good night’s rest which can affect other areas of your life…

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