Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Dear Friend:

It’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote you a letter, but then again, it’s been a long time since I have seen or heard from you.

I remember all the good times we used to have. Who could forget them? But things also happened that we never talked about.

Remember when I got that promotion and asked you out for supper to help me celebrate? What did you do? You went home and cried. You were jealous and very mad that I would brag about such a thing. I just wanted you to be happy for me.

Remember when my mother passed away? I needed a hug and someone to listen to me. What did you do? You went out and partied while I sat home, alone and cried. I just needed some support and a shoulder to lean on.

Remember when you borrowed my car? You said you would return it in two hours. You came home the next day. My car was a wreck. I was upset. You somehow turned the story around and everybody thought I was mad at you because you didn’t give me money for gas. That wasn’t even an issue. I trusted you with my belongings.

Remember when we had the same friends: We used to have good times together. But then there was a fight. Instead of staying neutral, you picked sides. It hurts me so much when I think of it.

Remember when I told you my deepest darkest fears? You promised me you would tell no other. What did you do? You told everyone and they laughed. And to make it worse, you said “It’s no big deal. Everyone goes through that stage.”  And then you laughed in my face.

Remember when I danced with your boyfriend and you danced with mine? I thought we were having fun that night. What did you do? You took me to the ladies room and accused me of having an affair and then you slapped my face and walked out. I thought you trusted me.

Remember when I asked you to be my maid-of-honor. I wanted you to be there for me. What did you do? You turned me down. You were confused. You didn’t want to share in my joy. You told me you would die being an old maid…that no one would love you enough to marry you. You didn’t even show up for my wedding.

Remember when we had a coffee date at a restaurant and you said you forgot about our date and fell asleep? I forgave you. Then I found out that you were in the same restaurant with another group of friends having a good time.

I have a lot of memories. I still consider you a friend, although sometimes I wonder why, because when I look back, you’ve never been there when I needed you the most.

Maybe one day, things will change. Maybe there’s an explanation for everything. Maybe you were too busy with your own life and I was too selfish to realize that at the time.

But through it all, I still call you friend.

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