How Many True Friends Do You Have?

The Brother/Sister From Another Mother

That’s what I call them. The brother from another mother. We actually resemble each other, so sometimes, people think that we are actually biological brothers. We hear it enough that we both just laugh. But, that’s just a part of the nature of having a ‘true’ friend. Not someone you can’t count on in a pinch. This person pretty much is your brother. In many senses, he will be there when your biological brother won’t be. And the funny thing about my situation is, for what I’ve just described, this person wasn’t even my best man at my wedding. That was preserved for my ‘other brother’ ( we had a small ceremony, so we only needed a best man and a maiden of honor ). Everyone else are associates. Associates are the ones you are probably around most of your young life, thinking that they are more than just friends, until the day comes when you realize exactly who they are, then you put them in the file cabinet under the ‘associates’ label. It is a thick file. The little file is the one marked ‘true friends’ or ‘buddies’ or better even, ‘best friends’. Not many people have more than one or two buddies. If you’ve got more, you’re a blessed person. Well, I guess that makes me one of the blessed. I’ve got a bonafide four of them ( with potentially 3 or 4 more – I don’t know if they would pass the full buddy test, but they are very close ). So, what does that say about me? I’m not sure. But I can say, I have led a very blessed life, with even more blessings coming my way, I think. So, what type of life have you led? Count your blessings, and your buddies. How many do you have? That’s just my thoughts. What’s yours?


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