Best friends forever and eternity

Best of friends

Strangers we met here on the internet. I didn’t even no your name
only knew of you from the photo’s I viewed. I
accepted your friendship invite and thank you for accepting
mine too. Let me share about a dear friend, I met on bended  
knees. One day as I bowed my head in prayer and ask him in
heart to stay.
He walks with me through my trouble times. felt my pain,
and bottle every one of my tears I shed. Comforts me
with his loving arms wrapped around me, and taken away all my fears,
He is a friend who truly really cares. He stops and listens and hears.
He send me a friend at one of time in my life when I was
at my lowest to lift me up and reminded me he heard my prayers.
Helped comfort me through my grieving steps from loosing a loving
sister who he called home and her spirit lifted up in the air in heaven above.
He allowed me to go through trials and tests to shape my heart,
and silently whispered in my ear, “My child; Don’t cry, don’t fear,
don’t be afraid, for I am near. A friend who I can always count on
and always trust, a friend who never left me down or made me frown,
for he knows my heart and the battle I fought.
And when he is to busy, for he has his hand full,
helping other’s where he is needed the most, the hurting,
people with other needs, he never forgets about me, he sends me 
a friend when I am in need, let me tell you, Jesus is my best friend
Man knows his name for who he is and what sacarfice he done for
you and me, he loves you as well as me. One and Only Master I will 
serve. One I talk to every day, on bended knees when I bow my head
and pray, one who guides my way. 
Never give up or believe Satan’s lies, Jesus loves you for you,
and me for I, when you feel the fight is to strong, fall on your knees, 
or bow your head in prayer and talk to God, he listens, he hears,
Jesus really, truly cares. He loves his little chit and chats with his children,
and all who comes to “Him, in his name, Jesus is Jesus and always will be
the same for Jesus will never change.
Jesus will always be your friend to the very end. 

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