Dogs Loyalty to their Master’s and family

Searching For a Family To Call My Own

Living in a shelter, oh how the cement is so hard and cold,
some of my friends here are puppies, some are old.
Waiting patiently in hope the next visitor will choose me
to adopt and take home. Been here for so long that I lost count
of days, visitor comes and goes but walks right past my way
for they take one look at me, and they see I am too old.

I finally came down depressed, stop eating and drinking,
feel no one loves me no more, hanging on to that little string
of hope, someone come to my rescue. My eyes are blind, my body
is so thin, flea infested, living in a shelter laying here all alone.
My friend lived next store in her pen, she is not there no more.

For a man came and taken her away to the gas chamber today.
He said she has been here way to long but I think they are wrong.
Helpless my friends and I are, none of us feel like a star. One day a older
couple walked in visiting my shelter home, the lady kneel down to look
at me, may be there is a little hope for she may adopt me.
She opened my cage, Oh that was good sign for me to see, held me
close to her chest, for I was on my best. I laid my head upon her
shoulder’s for it felt good in her arms and besides I just needed a little

Oh, it was my lucky day I suppose for the little lady adopted me
that final day. She took me home and Oh how scared I was,
still not eating or drinking, for my little body was sinking. She had to feed me
by a spoon, gave me water through a dropper, whisper softly in my dirty ears,
telling me how much she cared. She would encourage me with her soft kind
voice, fight she say for this is your home you’re here forever to stay.

She worked with me all night long every day of the week, had to feed
me and give me water for I was so weak. Year ago I am still with my new mom
who adopted me and took me home. Now I have a mom and dad and my very own
pad. I still have back flashes of the shelter I lived in for way too long. My
human mom hold me tight in her arms and remind me I am going to be okay,
for I am forever in my own home and here to stay.

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