Grandchildren and their cute little stunts

Love taking photo’s of our grandchildren one time photo shot. Our two grandson’s our our love of our life. Every moment we have the opportunity to spend with them we make a day of it. Of course grandma and daughter snaps plenty of photo’s because our daughter knows that grandma places the photo’s of the grandsons in a scrap book for keepsake where when the time I am not able to see them every day like I want too, I just open my scrapbook and glance through the photo’s of them. It is those special Kodak moments that is one of kind. First time they learn how to swim, playing in the snow all dressed up in their winter clothes, feeding the ducks, grandson dancing to the beat of the music. It is an honor and pleasure and double the blessing to be grandparents.
Because of the distance and rise of the gas prices is what makes it tough to go visit the grandchildren on a weekly basis. Husband and I do understand they had to move where there are jobs and wherever their employment leads them is where they had to relocate. Families aren’t like families anymore where they get together once a year for a family reunion because the simple fact reasons may be children has busy lives, new friends and other activities going on in their lives. When they do take the time out to come and visit out of their busy schedule, we soak up the memories and thank God for the time together.

We don’t miss out our grandson’s life’s for our daughter does send photo;s and call to keep us posted and updated if anything new or exciting happens in their lives. Our three year old grandson finally was potty broken she called us to give us the news and we send a little reward for the effort and hard work. He is a big boy now. Post photo’s on facebook when the three year old grandson learn how to swim for the first time and when the oldest grandson passed on to the 4th grade. We appreciate and are so thankful even though we live a distance from each other, our daughter keeps us posted and involved in the grandsons boys life from a distance. Birthdays and holidays we send them gift cards for it is cheaper than sending a package through the mail. Our oldest grandson understands the value of a dollar for every time he has money or we send him money it puts a hole in his pocket. Grandchildren keeps us young and active. We enjoy and are grateful and well blessed being grandparents.

Grandparents photo’s

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