How To Get Free Two Day Shipping From Amazon

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As the holidays approach, my online shopping usually increases and for good reason – I don’t like to go out and fight the crowds for stuff that I can usually find at a better price online.  The only drawback I used to have regarding online shopping however, was the fact that I had to pay to have my purchases shipped to my home.  Now- that’s no problem because I get my shipping for free, and its fast shipping too!
So how am I able to do this? 
With Amazon Prime of course!
One of the features of Amazon Prime is the ability to have your purchases shipped to your home for free.  Its two day shipping too!  So not only do I get my stuff fast, I get it shipped for free.  What could be better than that?
Now don’t get me wrong.  Not every single item for sale on Amazon qualifies for this free 2 day shipping, but most of them do.  I know first hand that every product I personally purchased and tons more that I have just checked out on there have qualified.  So chances are…. what you are planning to purchase will likely qualify too!
((At the bottom of this page, I will list just a few of the items that are included in the free shipping feature of Amazon Prime (amongst the 100,000))
With Amazon Prime you get free 2 day shipping NO MATTER how big your order is.  Whether your order consists of just one thing or you have a cart full of 10 things, the shipping is the same.  FREE and 2 day!
This free shipping deal is not just a one time thing either.  With your membership you can use it every time you shop online from Amazon the entire time you have your membership (for the whole year)

Amazon Prime Free Trial Info

If that isn’t enough, what do you think about this???  If you are one of those folks who like to buy things when they are first released – on release day- the Prime membership has something special for you.  On most of their items that you can pre order, instead of paying an additional fee to have the thing delivered to your home ON RELEASE DAY, if you order them with a Prime membership, you get it delivered to your home, not only for free shipping, but also ON release day!  That bonus in and of itself can really save you a lot of money. 
Here is a little example of what I mean….. my son was super excited for the release of that new game called “Disney Infinity”  He kept talking about it and talking about it and waiting for it to be released and talking about it.  I think you get the picture.  I went on and pre ordered it.  Because I had an Amazon Prime membership, when I got to checkout, instead of my amount due rising to include a shipping charge, it did rise a bit (due to tax) but then I was given the option (which is usually an additional charge in addition to the regular shipping charge) to chose “release date delivery”  Of course I chose this option because it was also FREE. 
You know what we were doing on the day Disney Infinity was released? Here’s a hint…. we weren’t driving to the store to see if we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy.  
Instead, we were sitting at home waiting for our copy to be delivered.  Which it was.  On the day it was released.  For no extra charge!  
This “release date delivery” is not just available for games either.  It also works on anything that has a release date scheduled for sometime in the future.  Things that Amazon has available for pre order.  Things like movies, books, etc. 
As you may have noticed by now, I really appreciate the savings that I have been getting from the membership with Amazon Prime.  In my opinion, it is the best way to save some money on the things you already plan to buy online anyway.  Take a look at it for yourself and if they are still offering the free 30 day trials, you can check it out for yourself without spending any money. 



Example of Products Available For Free Shipping

With an Amazon Prime membership, there are over 100.000 products that qualify for free shipping.  Here are just a few that I found that I will show you as an example.  
This list is just a couple of the thousands of items available, but it should show you that small things as well as large things are available in this membership.  And don’t forget – the free shipping offer applies to any purchase.  There is NO minimum number of products you need to order, NO minimum amount of dollars that your order needs to meet in order to qualify for free shipping, and NO maximum amount of times you can get the free shipping with your membership!
To find more products that qualify for free shipping with Amazon Prime, go to and look for the yellow checkmark with the word prime in blue print.  Prime Eligible All items marked this way qualify for free shipping and that means savings for you!  

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