Amazon Prime Membership

Who Wouldn’t Like An Amazon Prime Membership?

So your in the market for a great selection of instant videos to watch on your device?  Or maybe your looking for a way to save a ton of money on shipping charges on Amazon purchases? Or maybe your a huge Kindle fan looking for access to a giant Kindle library? 
Regardless of which one of those reasons you are considering Amazon Prime, I have to say that one of these memberships will end up being worth the membership cost, many times over!

30 Day Free Trial

Price of Amazon Prime Membership

The membership for Amazon Prime is $79 for an entire year.  They are currently offering a 30 day free trial and if you like the membership, you will be charged $79 one time which covers your membership for the whole year. 
Amazon Prime memberships come with several very useful features.  
1.  Full selection of Kindle books in their Kindle library.
2.  Access to 40.000 shows/movies through their instant video program.
3.  Free 2 day shipping on thousands of items for sale through
When you break down the $79 yearly fee, it equals less than $6.60 a month.  To me, I found this price to be unbeatable for all I was receiving with my membership.  For example, shortly after signing up for a Prime membership, I made a purchase of a board game through  The game was priced at just under $18.  I was able to order the game and have it scheduled to ship to my home in 2 days for $18 and some change (extra amount was for tax)  If I didn’t have Prime, my total would have been over $20 after they added the normal shipping charge, so I immediately saved at least $2 on that one purchase alone!  With the holidays quickly approaching, and the fact that I make a lot of gift purchases online, I should end up saving quite a bit of money, and that’s just fine with me!  lol.
Another one of my favorite aspects of the Amazon Prime membership has to be the instant videos.  I previously had been a long time member of Netflix but I was ready to try something else.  Something that had more of a selection, so the instant video feature of Prime was highly appealing to me.  It was easy to install on my device and the selection of programs available will keep me busy watching them for quite a while to come. 
Overall, I have to say that I found the Amazon Prime membership to be very valuable. The yearly price seems unbeatable for all of the features that come with it.  At this point, I really can’t say enough good things about the membership that Amazon is offering.  If you are considering trying it out, you can easily take advantage of the 30 day free trial and go ahead and see if you like it too!

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