How to Survive a Shark Attack

This is How You Survive a Shark

A shark attack is everyone’s worst nightmare but it is also something that is extremely rare. It only seems to be more common because any attack is immediately reported. However, if you do happen to be faced with a shark, what can you do to make sure you come out alive?

Picture of Great white shark thanks to Mila Zinkova and Ookaboo!

Sharks Are Intelligent

Sharks are chase predators which means if you flee, they will chase after you. They are capable of detecting panic, fear and vulnerability which could be your downfall.
If the shark is circling you, he/she is checking you out as a possible prey item. Try not to panic or start flailing around. Do swim in a controlled manner.
I believe they do know the difference between a human, a seal (their natural prey) and a surf-board.


Great White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) Close-Up, South Australia
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You see a Shark – What Do You Do?

Tiger Sharks, Northern Bahamas

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  1. Swim in A Controlled Manner – Do not show fear, do not panic and do not act like ‘prey’. Just swim confidently away from the shark.
  2. If it looks like it’s about to attack, stick your head under the water and shout at it! Don’t pussy-foot around, though! Shout like you mean business.
  3. Put your back to the reefs; many sharks frequent reefs. By placing your back against the reefs you will make it difficult for the shark to attack you.
  4. If there are more than one of you, place yourself back to back. This works in the same way as placing yourself against the reefs.
    Be seen as a credible threat. Do not play dead.
  5. If you have been grabbed by the shark, go for the most vulnerable parts of the shark such as the eyes, gills and nose. Punch, poke and grope around. Again, do go in hard and aggressive. No time to be squeamish here.

Instill Doubt in the Shark's Mind
If you can do this, you can make it think twice about attacking you. Like most predators, sharks prefer easy, weak and vulnerable prey.

Sharks love Easy Prey

If you present yourself as a difficult prey item, chances are the shark will leave you alone. Its natural prey can cause it harm when attacked so often the shark will pick out the young, weak, old and injured to avoid injuring itself.
If the shark can’t quite figure out what you are, there’s a good chance it won’t try to eat you. Sharks prefer to know what they are about to eat!




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