Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5 Plus

Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5 Plus: Robot Cleaner with UV Light for Disinfection

Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5 Plus definitely is the ideal pick if you are looking for a cleaning robot that not only tackles dust but also kills bacteria with UV light while conducting vacuum on the floor.

It is the newer model from the Infinuvo CleanMate series. For those who have been following this particular brand for some time, you must have come across the model Cleanmate QQ2 which hit the market before QQ5. At that time, the manufacturer claimed that it is the only cleaning robot that capable of vacuum, sweep and sanitize all in one step on top of floor disinfection with UV light.

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Needless to say, you’ll be going to enjoy more benefits with the latest model. First of all, Infinuvo Cleanmate QQ5 comes with a virtual barrier and twin side brushes. It can be scheduled and a higher cleaning speed than the old model. The following video is a product briefing:

Specification and Warranty

The exact measurement of this robot vacuum cleaner is 330mm x 330mm x 80mm. With a 3.15 inch height, there is no problem for it to maneuvers under furniture and any hard-to-reach area.

As mentioned above, it has two side brushes that are great in corner cleaning and bringing better results compared to those standard brushes. It also comes with 4
liters dustbin with optimized design to tackle pet hairs and fine dust. This larger dustbin allows it to work longer without needing to be emptied the dustbin; a great feature for people like me who lazy to clear the dustbin frequently.

The package includes the Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5 plus, rechargeable battery, home charging base, a remote control, AC charger, dustbin, cleaning brush, three washable and reusable filters, and a user manual. It also comes with a 1-year unit warranty and 6 months battery warranty.

Highlight Features

As the manufacturers always try the best to take their product to the next level, consumers could really expect better technology with each emerging model. As the picture showed, this robot vacuum cleaner has eight different cleaning movement modes. It is capable to clean tiled floors, carpets, and marble thoroughly with two-stage cleaning technology. With two sonic walls, it manages to confine the cleaning area.

Compare to its predecessors, this newer model has a better cleaning mechanism and stronger sucking power to vacuum larger debris and hairs. It also equipped with higher power horizontal mounting UV light for disinfection to kills bacteria, germs, and allergens. Based on a single charge in 3 hours, it can work up to 80 minutes with its 2800 mAh high capacity battery.

Furthermore, it is much of intelligence to detect its home-based charging signal and with a greater distance of up to 20 feet. In other words, it is capable to return to home based charger within a much shorter period for self-recharging when low on battery power. This is despite the presence of furniture obstacles as it does not have to follow a straight line. It can be concluded that the charging and docking mechanism of Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5 plus is more reliable compare to other models in the same series. Another highlight feature is that it equipped with 2 collision avoidance methods.

When it approaches obstacles, it slows down for soft bumping or avoids the obstacle at all. Hence, users always have peace of mind and never worry about the robot cleaner is tipping over light objects in the cleaning area. On the soft impact, it turns to another direction and so all fragile items are safe. Additionally, it has the ability to detect stairs and steps. Once it detects these, it will turn away from them in order to prevent toppling.

Pre-Schedule Setting

This new Infinuve CleanMate model allows users to program the cleaning robot to work based on a specific schedule. It even comes with easy to read big size LCD display on the scheduler base in order for you to set your own cleaning schedule seven times per week.

Pros & Cons of Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5

On top of the highlight features mentioned above, this robot vacuum cleaner has a powerful remote control with an operating range up to 30 feet; most importantly, it is substantially less audible noise when in use. Furthermore, it has a user-friendly error code to indicate error condition and how to address it accordingly.

The UV light for disinfection is a plus point for this cleaning robot. Being said, UV light is not good for human skin and that’s why every woman has applied day cream with UV protection. Thus, in order to enjoy the benefits of Infinuvo CleanMate QQ5, it is advisable to schedule it and let it conduct a cleaning task while you are not around.

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