Water Based Cleaners: What Makes Them Stand Out

you’re looking for an ideal cleaner, this could be a cumbersome task
and there are plenty of things that you should take into consideration.
For one, a lot of people opt for an all-purpose cleaner without really
knowing its limitations and the other alternatives available. The truth
is, in all sorts of environments, from industrial, health care, to
institutional, there’s a variety of cleaners needed for each.

could be divided into several categories, and these are: water-based,
acids, disinfectants, alkaline, green, and solvents. In this article,
we’re going to focus on water based cleaners and discuss about its
advantages as compared to other cleaners.

Water Based Cleaners pH

based cleaners are usually described based on the pH levels, which is
the measure of a product’s acidity level. Generally, the pH scale runs
from 1 to 14, and the pH level of 7 is considered to be neutral and the
ideal level that’s good for the skin. If it’s less than 7, it’s
considered to be more acidic and if it’s above 7, it’s considered to be
more alkaline. Nonetheless, most cleaning applications require these cleaners when removing dirt, stains, and other substances.

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Water Based Cleaners VS Solvents

lot of water based cleaners, such as the ArmaKleen product line, offers
several advantages over solvent cleaners. They’re considered to be
lower in toxicity level, non-flammable, non-hazardous shipping and
storage, and last but not the least, they are low or they contain zero
VOC, that’s harmful for the environment.

to the fact that water based cleaners work differently from solvents,
some would think that they’ll deliver a poor performance. 

general, solvents work by solvating the soil and breaking it down into a
solution. They’re known to produce quicker results, but are also high
in volatile which could be harmful for the environment.

the other hand, water-based cleaners contain a combination of
surfactants, solvents, and saponifiers. They have to be wiped off since
the soil only sits on the surface, unlike solvents that evaporate rather

shows that the combination of water, surfactants, solvents, and
saponifiers could be an effective cleaning agent, but it also requires a
certain change when it comes to the cleaning process. 

this type of cleaner is considered to be more economical and
environmentally friendly. They are very powerful cleaners, but doesn’t
need heat nor mechanical action just to work efficiently. In most cases,
if combined with the correct parts of washing equipment, they work as
effectively as solvents, minus its negative effects.

you’re looking for a way to reduce the VOCs and comply with the
regulatory standards, ArmaKleen water based cleaners would provide you
with the most effective, yet environmentally friendly way to remove
paint, grease, oil, rust, adhesives, and other forms of coating from
most plastic and metal surfaces.

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