Mint Plus 5200 Review

The Best Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner: Mint Plus 5200 Review

Keep away from Mint Plus 5200 if changing the cleaning pad is trouble for you. Being said that, it is a good helper for housewives who have to sweep and wet mop hard surface floors every day. With this gadget at home, housewives could concert their cleaning time to watch a movie or conduct any activities related to their hobby.

In fact, I personally found that it is the robotic cleaner designed based on normal human behavior when performing the cleaning task on the hard surface floor. Take me as an example, I used to sweep the floor followed by a wet mop. I don’t know about you, but I only feel my floor is clean after a wet mop.

Thus, I am interested in this Mint Plus 5200 that can perform both dry sweep and a wet mop. Find out more about Mint Plus 5200 Review below.

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Specification and Warranty

The dimension of Mint Plus 5200 is 8.5 x 9.6 x 3.1 inches. This compact size makes it easy to move under furniture or any difficult to reach area. As it is not a robot vacuum, thus it always keeps silent when in use.

There are 2 wet mopping microfiber cloth and 2 dry sweeping pad come along with this cleaning robot, so it can be started cleaning your house once out of the box. The manufacturer is given a 1-year warranty for this device.

Mint Plus 5200 Highlight Features

Cleaning Technology

This robotic hard floor cleaner is designed to effectively eliminate any debris from hard floors using its high suction power. Once you switch it on, it starts by cleaning some of the open areas in your house by moving back and forth in a parallel line. This state of the art home accessory is a genius at what it does, for example, if it encounters an obstacle along the way, it automatically decides how to handle it. It may decide to go around it or return to its original movement pattern.

Once it is through with the open areas, it will come back and try to clean the area covered by the obstacle too before proceeding to another area. And that it is not all, once it has clean the whole area, it comes and sweeps around edges of your home accessories such as couches leaving your floor sparkling clean. It does all this in less than an hour depending on the amount of space to be covered. After completing the tasks, it walks itself to its original position and actually parks itself. Amazing right!

Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad

As the name suggests, this automatic hard floor cleaner is fitted with a durable pro-clean reservoir pad that actually releases a liquid cleaning agent to its microfiber cloth. This fluid is very important because it keeps the Mint Plus mob cloth damp. It has the capacity to cover over 350 square feet in just one single cleaning cycle.

It is also important to note that the clothes comprise of technologically advanced fibers that are capable of effectively attracting dust, grime, oil, and other dirt materials from the floor using water and mild cleaning solutions that are friendly to the floor.


Once you purchase this robot cleaner, you gain full control of its functionalism. For example, you can pause the cleaning cycle in order to change the mob cloth if it is worn out. Take note of the fact that the blueprint of the area to be covered is not lost when you pause it hence once you have changed the mob cloth, it will restart and continue with its original cleaning pattern.

In addition, it has a Quick Clean mode feature that you can turn on if you only want it to clean the open areas in your apartment. This mode is very efficient if you want to cover more surface area faster.

Mopping and sweeping

Hard floors need to be well maintained in order to safeguard their general appearance and quality. Mint Plus 5200 does exactly that using its sweeping and mopping functions. Its sweeping mode works for hand in hand with a dry sweeping cloth that picks up all dust, grit, hair and any other microscopic debris that other cleaners cannot suck up. The sweeping microfiber cloth is actually environmentally friendly since it can be washed and reused over and over again and this, in turn, saves you money that could have been spent on a new one.

On the other hand, its mop mode is designed to use a moistened cloth that moves in a back and forth pattern as it picks up any debris that is left by the sweeping microfiber cloth. This product comes with two sweeping and microfiber mopping cloths that can actually be reused hence you can use it to clean your house immediately after it is delivered to your house. However, take time to read the manual guide provided by the manufacturer so as to derive maximum utility from this it. Read more about Mint Plus 5200 Review below.

Pros & Cons

One of the main advantages of using this robot cleaner is that it has a very reliable and durable battery that allows users to clean a wide surface area before recharging it. All the controls are easily accessible and calibrated, you just have to press the right button at the right time. It comes with a universal charger adapter hence you do not necessarily have to carry your own charge around. Its compact design
will definitely save you space.

Unlike other hard floor cleaners, this one does not produce any noise hence you can clean your house at night without disturbing the neighbors or waking up your children. It’s a perfect choice for people with limited mobility since you only need to set it and it will do the hard work for you. Since it requires minimal supervision, you can still do some of your daily house chores such as cleaning the dishes as it cleans the floor. This in turn saves you a great deal of time.

One con about this product is that you have to move any obstacles such as furniture from its way but this is just a small price to pay considering it’s the numerous benefits that will be derived from it. In addition, you have to change the cleaning pads regularly so as to promote its functionalism and efficiency. Just like any other electronic gadget, you have to carry out regular maintenance practices on it so as promote the functionalism of some of its internal parts such as the engine. Please visit us on Google for more about Mint Plus 5200 Review.

Amazon Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars



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