Minecraft party games and activities

Minecraft party games and activities

Okay so the time has come to throw a Minecraft birthday party for the world’s biggest fan of the super popular game. Along with setting up things like decorations, favors and the birthday cake you’ll probably be looking for some ideas on what Minecraft party games and activities you can use to entertain your guests. Here are a few party game ideas you can throw into the fun and games at your party.

Some activites featured here include minecraft coloring pages, Guess how many creeper gumballs are in the jar, scavengers hunt, minecraft target game, make your minecraft weapons, make your own minecraft masks and plenty of fun crafts.

 This page mainly covers party games for your minecraft party but if your looking for free printables,party supplies and ideas to putting the whole thing together, check out this page for Minecraft party ideas 

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Classic Games with Twist

Traditional party games can be included with this theme easily; all you have to do is add a Minecraft twist to each game. So games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs/statues which never seem to lose their appeal can be adapted to match the Minecraft theme like s

Pin the tail on the pig, or pin the creeper expression on the creeper

To make the pig or creeper, it’s just a case of using construction paper that can be purchased from the dollar store and making lots of small paper tails or printing of creeper face templates that can be stuck onto the pig or creeper via sticky tack. An awesome example can be seen here.

Musical chairs/Statues (Minecraft style)

Youtube has tons of fun Minecraft parody songs you can use to make a mixtape to play in these games. The game can be carried out as normal but with a catchy beat that even the creepers will want to bop their heads to. To convert the tracks from youtube video to mp3 use this site here or just search on itunes for the songs.

Minecraft Creeper or Ghast Pinata

Minecraft Creeper or Ghast Pinata

Piñata is always fun and would be a suited fit for a Minecraft theme as there are plenty of enemies in the game that would make great piñatas to hit around.

The main problem you may have with this is that it is very difficult to find premade Minecraft piñatas anywhere.This means that you’ll have to make one yourself.

With a few cardboard boxes and colored tissue paper it is very possible to create a creeper piñata. You could even paint the pinata, something I feel kids will want to get involved with if the pinata is for them. There is also an awesome tutorial here about how to make a Minecraft Ghast piñata. 

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Minecraft Themed Games

Creeper Gumball Guess

Fill a jar up with green and brown gumballs and have kids guess how much is in there, the person who has the closest number to the actual amount in the jar without going over is the winner.

A small prize can be presented to the winner and the gumballs can be included as part of the treats.

Other candies can be used too,(jelly babies,skittles etc) the main idea is just to have a jar full of something interesting which can fill up the jar in quantity. 

Minecraft Scavengers Hunt

You can setup a scavenger’s hunt where kids can search for hidden materials. In the game you can find materials by digging for them and then use them to craft new tools. To add this element into the game you could have kids trade the materials they found in for prizes or favors.

Minecraft Target Game

Use these free minecraft dirtblock printables to make block towers or pyramids (the blocks could feature all the enemies in the game) which can then be knocked down, the person who knocks down the most blocks wins.

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Minecraft Coloring Pages

For younger fans of the game coloring pages are a great way for them to let out their creative sides by coloring in their favorite characters.

Minecraft coloring pages can be found from many places online for free.

You can simply download a few sheets and have the kids color them in the way they please.. Also be sure to inlcude crayons and pencils.

Although there are free coloring pages out there, you’ll find a downloadable 32 sheet set of coloring pages available on sale from Minecraftcoloringpages.com

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Minecraft Party Crafts

For more crafty activities that will have kids showing of their creative side try these:

*Make your own Minecraft weapons activity.

Again, you can use free printables and the tutorial here to help them make their own swords and axes from foam and printable templates. Let them color it in themselves and have fun creating their own unique tools. 

*Make your own Minecraft Masks

Making these masks can be done in two ways; one way is with paper bags and the other is with card. The idea is to provide kids with everything they need to make their own pixelated character masks. To do this you’ll need lots of cut up square pieces of paper in various colors and glue, of course you could add extra things like glitter and string too.

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