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PSP Vita

Sony has introduced its brand new video gaming handheld in Tokyo which has been introduced as NGP or Next Generation Portable.
The handheld will be referred to as PlayStation Vita which derives from a Latin word that means life. In short, Vita will have dual touch pads, dual cameras, an OLED screen, six-axis motion sensors, three-axis electronic compass and GPS.
Sony has mentioned that with their new gaming gadget, consumers will have the ability to “connect and interact like never before.”

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PSP Vita Price

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PS Vita is light and easy to take with you wherever

Individuals are surprised with the light weight of the PlayStation Vita. You would assume that the device is quite weighty when you view its photos.
PS Vita is light and easy to take with you wherever because it is produced with plastic materials. It is evident that the buttons on the PS Vita are smaller than those on a standard PSP.
Having said that, these are quite soft which makes it easy to push. Because it is rigid, you will know that it isn’t going to wear out easily. Its edges are rounded making it snug to carry and the control keys easily accessible. Overall, Vita has a large size but it is a gadget that you can easily bring with you anywhere because of its light weight.

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PlayStation Vita features a touchscreen on the front and a touch pad on the back

PS Vita’s analog sticks have an normal size and are easy to use. This is a feature that many video gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for. Gamers will have an incredible video gaming experience with the precise sticks. Besides this, Vita has standard video game controls like the directional, action and shoulder buttons.
PlayStation Vita features a touchscreen on the front and a touch pad on the back. The touchscreen of the Vita is great but that on mobile phones like the iPhone is still far better. There are several games in which you really can use the touchscreen and the touch pad. You will possibly get mixed up to start with but you’ll figure out how it operates as you use it.
One of the most interesting functions of the Vita is its ability to operate in conjunction with the PlayStation 3 to provide you with various kinds of cross-platform play. What this means is that you will be able to stop the video game on your Vita, save it on the cloud and continue playing the game on your PS3 where you left off.
This particular feature makes the Vita different from other gaming units. Being able to play the same game on various video gaming units is the future of gaming and Vita has taken a step in this direction.

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Two PS Vita versions which are WiFi and 3G/WiFi

PlayStation Vita users can go online at any of the over 24,000 AT&T WiFi hotspots in the United States. PS Vita has a function called Near which allows you to know what other Vita owners within the vicinity are playing. There are two Vita versions which are WiFi and 3G/WiFi. The WiFi model will be sold at $249 and the 3G/WiFi will have a price tag of $299.
Gaming fanatics worldwide will be able to get their hands on the PS Vita at the end of this year. PlayStation operates on a quad-core processor which says it is likely aimed at older gaming fanatics. The cost of the PS Vita puts it on par with Nintendo’s new 3DS portable gaming gadget and this is a intelligent step by Sony.

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