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When a person visits a website, they decide within a couple of seconds if they are going to click out, or stay. The web design must immediately capture the interest of visitors. The colors and layout of the website is one of the first things they will notice, but quality web design goes much further than that. 
Graphics, web copy, ease of navigation…they all play an important role in keeping a visitor on the site for more than a second or two. Web design, however, also plays a part in getting those visitors there to begin with. SEO and branding are a large part of a successful website, as well as web design. Ensuring that proper keywords are used in the copy and meta-tags are all part of a good website. Creating the right formula can mean the difference between success and failure of a website. 
Working Web Solutions is a Portland web design company that has been helping local and national companies for over 12 years.  We understand how important a well designed website is to your business. 

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Key Elements of Web Design

Key Elements of Web Design

There are some key element of web design which can help make or break a website. Here are some of the tips we share with our Portland web design customers that we would like to share with you.
  • Forget the Flash. Flash often slows down the loading of a website. If the page takes time to load, visitors simply click out. Time is of the essence when loading a page
  • Use pleasing colors as well as bold contrast to increase interest
  • Place a call to action on the first page of the site
  • Incorporate branding into every page
  • Provide easy, user friendly navigation
  • Use keyword research and incorporate into every aspect of your website

These are important things to remember if you are just starting a website, but they can be added even after the website has been created. It is imperative to get and keep the visitor’s attention and interest. The competition is fierce, regardless of the type of business you are in.

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Outsourcing Web Design

Anymore, a great website is paramount to the success of a business. Furthermore, having a website is important regardless of how large or small that business may be. There is little room for error when trying to attract new customers. The sooner the website is created and optimized, the better. This is why many business owners decide to outsource web design.
One of the deciding factors of whom to choose to do your web design should be the success of their own website. If they are not achieving top ranking for their own site, and it is not attractive, they probably cannot help you with yours. Here is an example of our own Portland web design ranking
Web design and SEO go hand in hand. There are many elements to creating a website that will attract visitors and keep them once they are there. Outsourcing web design is one way you can save time and money, while getting the results you want.  

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