Why People Have Trouble With Website Conversions

Top Reasons Why Your May Be Losing Conversions

Everything on your website is perfect. You’ve scoured over it with your design team for months, making it one of the most graphically breathtaking pages on the web, but you’re still having trouble with website conversion. In fact, you haven’t had sale in six months. What’s the deal?

Really, it’s hard to nail down the exact reason why, but there are issues that are pretty common that might be preventing sales for your business. Before you spend much more time working on your website’s look, maybe you should take the time to consider these reasons you you might be having a hard time with website conversion.

Complex Navigation

How do people use your website? One of the leading causes for websites not converting is unclear navigation. If there are multiple navigation bars on your site, or the buttons don’t say where they lead, you can expect that users won’t hang around very long and conversion rates will be poor. A good litmus test for your website’s navigation is to try it across several different platforms. It should operate well on an iPad, a laptop and a smartphone. If it doesn’t work smoothly across all three platforms, that could provide an opportunity to boost conversion rates. After all, bad navigation is one of the top reasons websites do not convert, so make sure your company is not a victim of this.

But simply fixing broken navigation isn’t enough. You can further boost conversion by simplifying your navigation. In this instance, less is more. By offering few choices to users, you are making it easier for them to navigate your site. Too many links can be confusing for users, so keep things simple.

Lack of Invitation

If you don’t give people an opportunity to show that they are interested, it will be difficult for them to convert. Thing is, maybe they’re not ready to purchase something from you today, but they might sign up for your newsletter. Doing this can improve your chances of selling something to them at a later date. And, it will help remind them of your business.

Another key way of inviting customers to engage with your website is with an opt-in form that generates leads for you. It should always go above the fold, which means it should be on the very first screen. Placing this form conspicuously is one of the best ways to invite people to engage your site.

No Direction

When someone ventures onto a new website, they often need to be told what to do. Does your website offer an immediate call to action, or are you just waiting around for the user to figure out what to do? If that’s the case, they certainly won’t convert. A lack of call to action is one of the biggest reasons some websites don’t convert and that also applies for your Adwords campaigns. Your website needs to have one above the fold. Let users know what you’re business is offering and how they can get If your website has no call to action, get the copywriter to rework it until it invites people to engage your product or service.

Poor Layout

For every great-looking, fully-functioning website on the Internet, there are dozens that just plain suck. There’s no getting around it. Some have designs that would have been considered antiquated in the ’90s, and others offer no discernible form of navigation. For these reasons, a website with a poor design won’t convert.

One of the biggest steps you can take is by hiring a professional designer to build your website. You might need to overhaul the whole thing. Use a content map and get a structure, layout and design that increases usability. Give it a fresh feel.


As people age, their eyesight becomes less exact. As such, a readable typography is absolutely necessary when crafting a website. Especially considering that more than half of senior citizens are on the web. It’s an easy fix – one worth doing in order to keep visitors coming to the site. A 16-point font is considered the readable standard on the web.

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