Rollin’ With The Punches

It is heartbreaking to know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse. Abuse is exerienced by people from different cultures, backgrounds, races, incomes, and genders. Domestic abuse remains a problem today. There is so much information out there for domestic abuse prevention, domestic abuse, and how to escape from abuse.
At times it is also hard trying to rescue someone who is getting abused. Especially when they keep returning to the abuser. Battered women in particular can cause concern regarding the rescue person’s safety. Sometimes abuse victims give multiple excuses to not leave their abusive environment.
A person can struggle for months and even years trying to save a battered person from leaving an abusive relationship. If the rescuer is a non-professional, it can be an exhausting effort trying to save an abused person, especially if the victim is female.
It can even be frustrating for a professional. There have been horror stories about how professionals from abuse hotlines have stuck their necks out for battered women, by risking their own safety. Not everyone can be saved. Even if the battered individual tries to get help. There are solutions to their dilemma, even though they may not always work.
Another bad thing about the abuse victim is the fact that the victim may put one in a complicated situation.
This situation may deal with saving them and telling on the rescuer to the abusive partner about trying to rescue them. This is really difficult, especially if the battered person returns to the abuser on a daily basis. At times the victim can “draw one in” by telling a person half truths and lies by constantly talking about the terrible things the abusive partner is doing.
Once the person returns to that partner, telling them “god knows what”, the partner then begins to look at the rescuer as “the bad guy”. Usually, the partner then tries to keep the rescuer away from the victim by persuading them to stay away from the rescuer. Especially if the rescuer is a friend.
This is not worth it if one has been in this situation or is in this situation. It can jeopardize the rescuer and their own family. Here is a reminder if it is you the reader who is in this situation: You are not Superman nor Joan of Arc. Sometimes you just have to leave it up to the professionals.
Until then, your friend, associate, or family member is going to have to continue with his or her boxing match and just “roll with the punches”.

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