Adult Childhood Abuse Survivor’s

Lessons of Life the hard way

Oh how I hated my childhood year’s. I couldn’t wait to grow up where I reached the age to leave my home to start my own life. I write to open up of the secrets that were forbidden to talk about in the Mennonite community. I write the things not to shame all the Mennonite community, to only write about what happen in our home that I grew up with the family God blessed me to be, I pray for all the Adult childhood Abuse survivor’s. Every day we fight our battle of demons that were placed in our lives by our abusers who made us their victims. A normal childhood year’s was all I wished for. They were robbed from me from people who claimed to love me. Being abused as a child it had a great impact in my life growing up in my maturity years.
Every scar that was placed there by my abusers, has a story behind the wounds of child’s broken hearten and broken emotions.
I can’t express enough how I felt my life was in a roller coaster, where I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Having nobody to turned to where I could confine in to share the secrets of which I was told to keep from my abusers for if I was to share what happen, something bad would happen to me. I held everything in until I became an Adult.
The lessons I life I had to learn at the age of 6 year’s old were hard lessons. I make comments that I was born in Adult in a child’s body. I knew about sex before I reached 10 year’s old. I believe and have prayed for God to heal my mind and emotions from my childhood of continuously abuse. Protect me against my abuser’s. I pray for other victims every day, God bless them with the strength to find a way to escape.

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