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It’s not long before Halloween. Maybe you planned on spending Halloween watching movies but got a last-minute invite to a Halloween party. Maybe you just don’t want to put a whole lot of effort into your Halloween costume. Here are costume ideas that don’t require a trip to the local costume shop. They’re easy and quick and perfect for time-strapped (or just plain lazy) people.


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Go As Your Significant Other

If you need a quick couple’s costume then switch clothes with your significant other and you can be each other for Halloween. You have all the supplies you’ll need right in your respective closets. You can also switch clothes with a friend if you don’t have a date for the Halloween party (or if you won’t fit into your significant other’s clothes).


Zombies are always popular at Halloween. Just put on pale make up and smear dark eye liner under your eyes and put on old, worn clothes and you have a quick and easy zombie costume. You can use red lipstick as blood around your mouth.


Accident Victim

Buy fake blood and put it on your head to make it look like you have a head wound. Or you can put a line of it across your neck so it looks like you have a slit throat. You can make your own fake blood using corn syrup, corn starch, and red food dye.

How to Make Fake Blood
Different recipes for making your own fake blood.



This one’s for fans of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In
the episode Fear, Itself, Oz shows up to a Halloween party wearing his
regular clothes and a name tag that says “God.” You can let your
imagination run wild with this idea. You can be another deity if you’d
like. Maybe Zeus, or Athena if you’re a woman.

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson wore all white when she got older. She had straight dark hair that she kept tied back. So, wear a long, simple white dress and tie your hair back and be Emily Dickinson for Halloween. Or you can wear a long white skirt and a white shirt if you don’t have a white dress. Carry a poetry journal around with you to complete the look. Carry a book of Emily Dickinson’s poetry with you if you want to make it really obvious who you’re dressed as.


Spider Queen

Everybody would like to be a queen. You can wear a spider tiara and go as the spider queen. The goal of these costumes is lazy so don’t wear anything special, just the tiara.


Be a Book

No, not a character from a book. Be a book. I saw a picture of a person
who decided to be the Twilight book one year. It was hysterical. She
hung a black piece of poster board around her neck and cut holes for her
arms. She stuck her arms through and held an apple. If you’re really
artistic you can recreate some fancy book covers on to poster board and
hang it around your neck. If you’re not that artistic then think of a
book cover that’s mostly just the title of the book.

Captain Hammer Groupie

This costume consists of just a T-shirt and an obsession with Captain Hammer (and a willingness to do the weird stuff). The Captain Hammer Groupies in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog wore a T-shirt with Captain Hammer’s picture on it. If you plan enough ahead you can buy the official shirt through Amazon. If you come across this article on Halloween morning, you can print the picture out that is featured on the shirt and tape it to a regular T-shirt you already own.


If All Else Fails…

If you want to take the absolute easiest way out, you can just wear your
regular clothes. If people insist on asking what you’re supposed to be,
then just tell them you’re an extra in a music video.

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