Spring Garden Challenges

Spring Gardens

One of the most enjoyable things for my girls is the love of spring and gardening.  They love everything about it.  This includes picking out what they’re going to grow, planting it, and then watching for the first indicators that the ground is going to rupture.  Every day they’re out their looking for the next sign of something that’s getting ready to blossom and then the problem comes.

What problem you ask?  Well we live in Oregon and that pretty well says it all.  You see when others can plant their gardens, we cannot.  Because the rain, well doesn’t know how to stop.  And it comes and comes and did I say it comes.  So that’s made us have to look at alternative methods for growing our garden, and we have one:  Grow Boxes.

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More On Grow Boxes

If you live where it rains a lot like a do, then you’re going to need to look at alternatives for your garden.  This is where I’ve discovered the benefits to having garden boxes.  Consider some of the benefits to these as apposed to the traditional gardens.   And remember, Grow boxes can add to your garden, not take away from them.

Not only can you have grow boxes outside, but you can bring them inside of your home.  This clearly eliminates boxes the problem of rain.

One of the biggest myths about grow boxes is there size.  People tend to think they are small and feet into a garden window.  This is simply not the case.  They are in fact several times the sizes of those that would fit in a garden window.  Thus allowing for them to get the deep roots that come with growing corn and other vegetables.

But there’s more! 

(Picture Borrowed From A Garden Patch)

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It’s A Good Idea To Think Outside Of The Box When Using Grow Boxes

When you’re looking at using grow boxes, it’s a good idea to think outside of the box.  That’s one of the reasons that I’ve selected the picture I did. The man tiers the levels of garden boxes.  The advantages to doing something like this should be really clear.  Multiple grow boxes.  Multiple harvest.  Limited spaces means that you have the ability and potential to have large number of boxes and use little space.

One person I read about had problems with deer coming to eat their garden, with the grow boxes, they were able to plant inside of the fence and prevent those wonderful animals from eating their harvest.

Do you live high up in the mountains?  One woman said she lives at  9100 feet, and consequently had trouble growing things.  But not so with the grow boxes.  Not only was she able to grow plants, but grow them big and strong.

Now I can continue to show you other examples that come with using grow boxes, but I think that you more than get the point. 

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