Container Gardening with Rubberizeit

Rubberizeit For Container Gardening

Do you have a green thumb and fond of container gardening? Then you better try Rubberizeit! Universal Rubber. This waterproofing coating has countless of uses. In fact, it’s capable of turning any kinds of reusable container into a magnificent planter! Do you have a well used wooden box? How about an old tin can a one of a kind metal container? Timeworn clay pots? Or perhaps you’re planning to create your own personalized planter? Rest assured that Rubberizeit! Universal will preserve your container over the years to come!

Rubberizeit! Universal is an Eco-friendly approach to preserve and insulate your wooden planters, clay pots, and garden containers! Indeed, it’s an excellent choice for container as well as patio gardening!

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Universal Rubber Coating for Container Gardening

Universal Rubber Coating for Container Gardening

The rule of the thumb, you should weatherize your terracotta pots prior to the first frost! It’s common knowledge that moist inside the clay could become frozen and because of that, the water will expand. Once spring arrives, a terracotta pot crumbles. Don’t fret It is still possible to stretch out the lifespan of your pot by lathering up the inside part of your pot with Universal Rubber.

 This will assist in keeping the humidity from the clay, making it more convenient for winterizing. Keep in mind though, for you to prevent your pots from freezing to the soil surface and avoid future damage from moistened medium, make sure to elevate your terracotta pots off the ground.

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Information About Universal Rubber Products (Rubberizeit)

Did you know that every Universal Rubber product is a Nonpoisonous Liquid Rubber with Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)?

All Universal Rubber products are UV-Stable. If you’re not really acquainted with the distinction between UV Stable and UV Resistant; UV stable products are specifically designed for purposes that require constant exposure to direct sunlight, within the duration of ten years. On the other hand, UV Resistant products commonly disintegrate after 2-3 years.

Rubberizeit Universal Rubber is known to be a water-based single part liquefied rubber emulsion. It doesn’t require a catalyst to cure or activate. In the course of emulsion, the water evaporates and only the non-poisonous rubber remains. Usually, it takes 3-7 days to become completely cured (depending on humidity and temperature).

When it comes to applying Rubberizeit! Universal Rubber, there’s no need for special protective gears. Although, we do suggest the person to wear long sleeved shirts and pants, gloves, and protective eye wear. Mainly because it could be extremely tough to wipe off the liquid rubber once it has dried. However, rubber that is still in liquefied form can be cleaned easily with regular soap and water.

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