Squamous Cell Cancer

Rare cancer

Family and I were aware that my sister had cancer. Her cancer had full blown throughout her body that she was turmoil ill cancer. What we did n’t know what kind of cancer she was dying from and what the name was. As for the doctor’s of the hospital she was admitted too, I have very few nice words about that hospital. I can honestly say through my experience visiting my sister that the doctor’s and nurses were unprofessional and uncaring and lazy. On one of my visit to the hospital to visit my sister I walked in to my sister’s room and she smelled terrible. Her room was still filthy and the spill that I accidentally spilled on the floor of her hospital from week that I was down visiting her, the spill was not yet cleaned up. I paged, paged the nurse to have the house cleaners to come up and clean the mess up. I also told the nurses to get a nurse in here to clean my sister up, to give her a bed bath. I know and clearly understand that nurses do get busy but every time I have gone into visit my sister the nurses was at the front desk bull crapping with each other and making jokes. I than raised my voice sternly to either get my sister care or I was gone to sue the hospital for neglect of the patience’s rights. I happen to take along my camera on that visit to shoot some photo’s o f my sister before passing so I have photo’s to remember her and place in my scrap book. Not even a 20 minutes went by and the nurse called hospital security but knowing my sister’s rights and my rights they could not do nothing accept ask me to leave, I was within my rights but what they were afraid of and their concerns that I had evidence of patience’s neglect. I would not recommend this hospital to take your family too or friends or even yourself. Harrisburg Hospital. As a visitor of the hospital and had two family members there as their patience, I was very unsatisfied of their hospital patience’s care. It has taken hours for the nurse to actually to call a doctor so we can find out more information about my sister’s care and find out the name of the cancer she had. Squamous Cell cancer is a skin cancer but can spread throughout the body. My sister’s cancer started with a brain tumor, within a few months being a patience at Harrisburg General Hospital the cancer has spread throughout her body and she was transferred to A Rehab nursing home where Hospice was contacted and all her life support was removed and where she died instead at that hospital if that is what they call it.

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