The Best Office Chair is Still the Same

The Aeron Chair

Aeron Chair is the first truely ergonomic office chair in the sense that it was designed with the aim to adapt to the body of the user and provide an optimal sitting posture that would max out productivity, comfort and health. It was as early as 1994, that what is still considered to be the ultimate office chair was built by the engineers of Herman Miller company. Concerning the rate of innovation in every industry and the speed of technological development, there is nothing to be surprised about knowing that nearly every product that was present in early 1990’s is at the moment obsolete. One of the few exceptions is the Aeron Chair. It is remarkable that more than two decades after it first appeared in the office furniture stores, this classic example of early digital age office furniture continues to remain at the top of the best chairs list. What exactly is the reason behind the continuing success of Aeron? Let us discuss one of the many things that make Aeron stand out from the rest.

The Sturdiest Chair Ever!

That’s correct. Surprising as it may seem, what makes the Aeron Chair so popular is how durable and well-built it is as much as any of the great features and the convenience and comfort it offers. Unless you were born a millionaire, you must have had a cheap office chair like everyone else. Do you remember how much it cost? Probably 50 dollars. And the chances are that it lasted no more than a year unless you are really petite. An Aeron chair costs 15 times as much as that cheap chair you once owned and yet, I have never seen any Aeron Chair get broken with normal use. These chairs are virtually indestructable unless you make special effort to break them. So, the choice is yours. The Aeron Chair will still be good as new after a dozen cheap chairs have given in.

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