Bungee Chairs

What Is A Bungee Chair?

A bungee chair is an ergonomically designed chair made to fit your body. If you’re looking for a contemporary style chair that’s super comfortable, then the bungee cord chair may be just what you want!

Bungee chairs come in a range of styles and colors. From your standard black to hot pink and in between. This ergo seating option is as individual as you. One of the more popular bungee chairs is the bungee cord office chair with wheels. Bungee chairs are available in low back, high back, and with or without arm rests. Photo credit: Amazon.com

Reasons I love my bungee chair

  • 1

Most of all I like it is not the typical office chair that expect the back to bend to it instead of chair shaping to back. The bungee gives support but does not overly support my back.

  • 2

It comes in all different colors. I like bright colors and it would have just ruined it for me if I had to go with a black chair. But for those that like less bold their are blues, grays and blacks to choose from.

  • 3

I do not feel like I am sitting on a big bunch of rocks all day in may chair.

  • 4

When doing work I can daydream I am sitting on a trampoline instead of at my desk.

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