Cheap Bean Bag Chairs

Ah… A Timeless Classic – A Bean Bag Chair

Who doesn’t like a bean bag chair? Bean bag chairs have always been a huge hit in my home, but they are much different than they used to be “back in the day” when I was growing up.

Bean bag chairs have come a long way from the cheaply made ones that used to be available.

Nowadays, bean bag chairs, although cheaper in price, have been made super affordable and much sturdier than they used to be.

Bean Bags, Bean Bags, and More Bean Bags

Soft Suede Bean Bag

This is a very soft suede bean bag chair that has a great shape. Almost like a bean bag with a head rest.
Pretty nifty to me!

415SQEGL8YL. SL250
Soft Suede Luxe Bean Bag Adult, Ony…
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Super Soft Chenille Bean Bag Chair

Just look how soft this one looks!
This chenille bean bag chair comes in a few color choices and just looks so comfortable. Great value right here!

31navB88fLL. SL250
Ace Bayou 96450 Chenille NinetySix I…
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Chairlike Bean Bag

This one is my absolute favorite!
It is a great size – 32 x 25 x 32 inches, and it even has a drink holder, pocket and easy-carry handle.
It comes in several different colors and is super cute!
This chair is great for college dorm rooms!

41+om64BeoL. SL250
Comfort Research Big Joe Dorm Chair …
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Bean Bag Refill Beans

If you are not looking to purchase a new bean bag chair, but instead would rather refill the one you already have, here is a nice package of bean bag refill beans.
These polystyrene beans, come in either 50 or 100 liter packages. The beans are the approximate size of a large pea should be a good amount of refill needed to “plump up” your favorite bean bag chair.

51A8vJMYh5L. SL250
Comfort Research UltimaX Beans Refil…
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